Tradition is the New Counterculture

Stylist:  Monica Mountain

Model: Eva Mountain

I guess I’m just a little different then most.


I love my family.  My grandparents were and are Catholic. My mom is ‘spiritual but not religious.’ My dad is nothing, I guess.

I actually don’t see the point to living as my parents have lived without hope, without traditions.

They are both ‘with’ other people now.  My sister and I were driven between our parents’ houses for years-every Wednesday and every other weekend. It was awful.

Lots of girls I know are in the same boat. Maybe that’s why now all they want to do is party.  For them, a wedding is a time to show as much skin as possible, or dye their hair odd colors, or flaunt tattoos-because they thin that is artistic, or the way to get attention from guys.

I want my ‘look’ to say to anyone who sees me ‘this girl is really different.’ As for what people might say or think about me, there’s one thing my life so far has taught me: I really don’t care.

That’s why it is so cool my cousin is marrying a guy who attends the Latin Mass. I love Gregorian chant; I can’t wait to hear it in person.  But mostly, I’m excited to witness a real, sacramental marriage. I pray that someday I will have such a marriage. I don’t think it is impossible.

I guess you could call me ‘romantic.’




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