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The Pleasures of REGINA’s Ireland

Photos by Emily Clementi/Commentary by Everyone

  • Is a REGINA Trip a pilgrimage? Yes.
  • Is it a historical tour? Yes.
  • Is it just a bunch of young Catholics out for a good time? Yes.

Herewith, some of our favorite experiences from all around Ireland, but especially the pubs. (You can see interviews with Fr. James Moore OP HERE and Singapore’s Alex Choong HERE.)

MEGHAN FERRARA FROM SAINT LOUIS and Tony the Bus Driver from Dublin share a laugh somewhere in an Irish village.

WHAT JET LAG? First thing, magical Mellifont Abbey, in the hall where the last High Kings met.


NOT AN ALBUM COVER: Real, live Benedictine monks of Silverstream Priory, after Sunday Mass in Latin, when they hosted the REGINA group for lunch in their garden.

ATTACKING TRIM CASTLE, where ‘Braveheart’ was filmed.

ON THE CASTLE GROUNDS: Treville Belcher, Ryan Farrell, Steven Tebay, Andrew Schult, Kristina De Clara and Meghan Ferrara.

EVER FOLLOW A DOMINICAN FRIAR UP A MOUNTAIN? These intrepid travelers did, all the way to the misty top of Croagh Padraic. From left: Mary Katherine Mc Coy, Meghan Rose, Jordan Brittain, Fr James Moore,  Treville Belcher, Marco De Clara and Ryan Farrell.

AND THEN AT THE BOTTOM OF CROAGH PADRAIG: ”THIS IS TOUGH. I really liked the atmosphere of the pub at the base of Croagh Patrick, but also enjoyed the time we had with the Canons and Abbe at the pub in Limerick.” – Emily Clementi


KILLARNEY, home of some of our favorite REGINA pubs.

PERUSING BAR MENUS: Alex Choong, Meghan Rose, Amanda Lau and Jennifer Stewart. “I have to say my favorite beer was the Smithwick’s, but also enjoyed broadening my horizons with the whiskey tasting.” – Emily Clementi

THE MILL CAT: In Kerry, we visited a family-run Irish woolen mill, and of course the cat.


DRINKING SMITHWICK’S RED ALE WAS MY FAVE, although Guinness had a far smoother, delicious taste in Ireland too.’ – Meghan Rose

FAVORITE PUB MEMORY: “I liked singing Irish ditties in that one pub after Sheehan’s we went to… cannot remember the name.” – Meghan Rose

“I LIKED THE SINGING, and then Andrew apologizing for our being obnoxious Americans to what turned out to be other Americans.” Jennifer Stewart

RING OF KERRY: That’s a long way down!


ABANDONED MUCKROSS ABBEY, where we celebrated a Mass.

NOW THAT’S CATHOLIC: Sampling flights of whiskeys with FR. James Moore, OP.

SHEEHAN’S IN KILLARNEY was chock full of locals and tourists savoring their drinks and comradery to the fullest. Standing room only!

DANCING IN THE BACK ROOM TO A LIVE BAND…fun seeing the locals kick up their heels and their exuberance in seeing visitors join in the fun.

FROM A TYPICAL NON-GUINNESS DRINKER. I loved the Guinness in Ireland! I also enjoyed Harp.” Steven Tebay

THE FAMOUS LIBRARY at Trinity College, Dublin. The land under it was confiscated from a monastic Order by Henry VIII and later given to the College in 1592 by his daughter Elizabeth I. Catholics were not allowed to attend until more than two centuries later.

THE GANG, proposing a toast at dinner in Dublin. In 2018, we’re all set to do this AGAIN, from August 11 to August 19th! For more information on joining our Ireland 2018 Trip, click HERE        

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