Tom Evans, Millennial Working Class Hero

by Beverly Stevens, REGINA Editor

Millennials, your hero has awakened.

To a generation often depicted as a bunch of whining, posing slackers: you have been vindicated. And most especially to the young men of the Millennial generation — so often slandered as porn-addicted, self-indulgent and without honor:  a real life hero, far better and nobler than any Anime or video game fantasy, has arisen.

Teenage Dad and the NHS

A teenager when he learned of his girlfriend’s pregnancy, Tom did not send her to an abortion clinic. Instead, he stood by her, and when their 8 month old Alfie fell ill, he did what every good dad would do — he stood by his son. 
Now, Tom is a working class guy in an England where the ‘Labour’ Party once championed the rights of the working classes. It was Labour, after all, which brought in the National Health Service in the 1940’s as the crown jewel in their working class victory; after losing their sons to two pitiless world wars, England’s working men and women would have their government-paid health care. 
Today, Tom’s baby son has been targeted by a new kind of Labour Party — and their Conservative counterparts — who want him to sit down and shut up, and accept the ‘reality’ that Alfie has to die in the dubious care of the NHS their grandfathers fought for. 

The Crucifying of Tom Evans

Tom, Christ-like, has been made a public spectacle. For pleading for basic care for his son, he’s been threatened by lawyers, vilified in the national press, clucked over by the nation’s chattering classes and abandoned by the high priests.
‘Poor Tom‘, the professional chatterers say, and the unspoken is palpable: ‘Just a chav who won’t accept his lot in life.
For days, they all have been smugly waiting for Alfie to die.

Alfie Won’t Stop Breathing

Except, he won’t. Against all ‘expert’ opinion which stated he wouldn’t live three minutes off the ventilator, Alfie continues to breathe on his own. 
Now, photos are circulating on social media that reveal the horrendous hygiene that Alfie has been subjected to in the NHS hospital Alder Hey:  left to lie in his own urine, given moldy tubes to breathe through.
Clearly, Tom’s pleas have been ignored by hospital staff.  So, he filed lawsuits for murder against three Alder Hey doctors.
(“This is a desperate man,” is the reaction we get from the court records, clucking over poor, clueless Tom.)
Meanwhile, Alfie continues to breathe on his own.

Tom, the Pope and the Archbishop

Undaunted, Tom set off to speak to the Pope — and miracle of miracles, he got Francis’s support.  (After the Vatican’s notorious silence on Charlie Gard, this is a wonder in itself.) Italian citizenship for Alfie quickly followed, with an air ambulance still at the ready to whisk Alfie away.
Meanwhile, Alfie continues to breathe on his own. 

Is Tom Giving Up?

Yesterday, a gaunt, red-eyed Tom read a statement to the cameras that he obviously did not write, asking the protesters who have worried Alder Hey so much to go home. ‘There will be no more statements’, Tom said. 
Everyone knows that singularly painful action was extracted from Tom by Alder Hey’s lawyers as a quid pro quo to even begin discussing releasing Alfie. 
Meanwhile, Alfie continues to breathe on his own.  

Millions of viewers see hospital’s negligence 

Today, Tom hasn’t said a word. Instead, a family member has a video on social media which at this writing has had 3.5 million views in under 24 hours. Now, Alfie’s Army is gathering for prayer vigils in Rome, New York, Milan, Washington DC and Warsaw. Politicians inside the UK as well as outside are voicing their concerns about the Alfie case. There’s a Rosary on the Coast set for tomorrow which has garnered a huge response — over 350 locations set to pray for a Culture of Life to rise in Great Britain.
Meanwhile, Alfie continues to breathe on his own. 

 A REAL Social Justice Warrior 

So, Millennials — all you who are so concerned about the plight of ordinary people facing a cold, unfeeling establishment (‘social justice’) — here’s your real life working class hero, a role model for all of you if you dream of a better adult life.
     Tom’s not letting his woman take the brunt of the agony.
     Tom’s not letting anybody — doctors, media, judges — push him around.
     Tom’s sacrificing himself for his family.
Tom Evans, dear Millennials, is a real man. 
From all of us at REGINA, our deep respect to Tom’s parents, who have raised such a son, brave and true. 
And rosaries, lots of rosaries for Tom and his family — while meanwhile Alfie continues to breathe on his own. 
UPDATE: One day after we published this article, Alfie Evans died under what many are now saying were suspicious circumstances. The dust will likely not settle on this story, nor will the cloud of suspicion that has befallen the British National Health Service and judicial system as a result of not just Alfie’s death but the recent deaths of babies Charlie Gard and Isaiah Haastrup dissipate quickly. 
All of this aside, our tribute to Tom Evans stands. In fact, we believe that it is exactly these heroic qualities of Tom’s which his generation will absolutely need to emulate.
Why? As technology continually improves and governments use it to gain more control over citizens’ once-private decisions, only those families with defenders like Tom will have any hope of succeeding against a society that seeks to fragmentize and isolate all of us. 
May God help us all.  

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