The Heart of a Red Dirt Oklahoma Girl

“OKLAHOMA! WHERE THE WIND COMES SWEEPIN’ DOWN THE PLAIN …” And indeed it does, and so it did that 28th day of January in 1955, the day I was born in red dirt country. Mom says that on that cold, cold Friday morning, I was already two weeks late getting there, and how my grandmother had been stuck at their house the whole two weeks because of a snow storm. She continued to stay another two weeks until after my Baptism.  Over the years this is the part of the story when I could always expect my Dad to look at me with that impish Irish look and say “Thanks a lot” and then laugh.  We had a lot of laughter in my family.

Dad was very Irish and Mom came from Cherokee and Lithuanian descendants, and we were very Catholic. There would be a total of five of us kids, two boys and we three girls in the middle, and I was the second child born. 

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