A Wall Street Guy On Why The Dominican Nuns ‘Are My Heroines’

By Peter Kenny
Summit, New Jersey

Peter Kenny has worked on Wall Street for all of his long career, holding many senior positions including a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, Peter is a respected financial markets commentator both on TV and in his own right.

Peter is also a major supporter of the Dominican Nuns of Summit, N.J. In this REGINA photo essay, he gives us a rare glimpse into his private faith, and his reasons for donating to support the Sisters.

I was introduced to the Sisters of The Rosary Shrine by my mother. Every week, she would take us to the Rosary Shrine for Sunday afternoon prayers.

We said the Rosary and also often had Benediction, Stations of the Cross, and a variety of other Marian Devotions.

The Shrine chapel was very spiritually uplifting, but there was more to the setting than simply the beautiful structure.

As a young man I remember well sitting in the wooden pews – removed from some of my siblings and mother – considering the magnitude of the commitment and sacrifice these heroic women were living on a daily basis. The testament of the sisters’ commitment was of such magnitude that I felt compelled to consider my faith in ways that were significantly more spiritually intimate – more personal than I had ever considered previously.

I found myself drawn to consider the meaning of my spiritual well-being – the state of spiritual life – in ways than required a deeper examination of meaning.

My continued commitment to and spiritual bond with the sisters is rooted in my respect for them and for the unwavering symbol of Divine love that they both represent and live daily.

I am often drawn to the chapel for moments of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

I am always provided a respite from a world that seems unable to grasp the significance of the Divine in our lives, souls and vocations.

The Sisters represent a purity of soul that can only be born through Divine intimacy.

There is nothing in this world that is of greater value or meaning than our faith.

The Rosary Shrine stands very prominently on a hill – arguably at one of the most important cross roads of a very influential community. Summit is the home of more CEOs and high profile politicians than nearly any other municipality in the NYC area.

Silently, the Rosary Shrine stands.

Quietly, the Sisters pray.

Daily, the city of Summit consciously or unconsciously revolves around the anchor they provide by their presence and prayer. Their presence is without question critically important to the city.

The Rosary Shrine is an unambiguous, Catholic community of selfless sacrifice and love completely committed to service and the Catholic ideals of virtue, humility and poverty.

It is precisely these characteristics that have drawn so many souls into the prayer life of the Sisters.


I am supporting the Sisters for many reasons.

They provided me with shelter when I needed a place to stay as a young man.

The sisters fed me, they provided me with a context within which to build my life in Christ.

They taught me how to farm in the garden – a skill I use to this day.

They taught me the meaning of true love.

These Sisters, the Dominicans of Summit, are my heroines.

Video for the “Making the Light Shine Brighter” Capital Campaign of for the 2019 Centennial of the Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ.


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