TALES FROM THE WAY HOME: ‘Our Blessed Mother Led Me to the Truth’

Q. How old are you? What do you do for a living and where do you live?
A. I am a 42 year old full-time college student in Georgia, USA

Q. What faith tradition were you raised in? What initially attracted you to the Catholic Church?
A. Southern Baptist. In the beginning, I don’t know because I knew nothing about Catholicism. In retrospect, it was Our Blessed Mother placing people in my life to lead me to the Truth.

Q. Did you have erroneous ideas about the Church before you converted? If so, what were they?
A. No, but from what I would see on television, all Catholic mothers had large families and always seemed on the verge of a nervous breakdown and priests were evil doers or drunks.

Q. How did your friends and family react to your conversion?
A. My family absolutely hated it! One cousin was ok with it.

Q. Do you attend the Novus Ordo or the traditional Latin Mass?
A. I started off in the N.O. mass, but have been traditional since 2006

Q. Are you involved in your parish? If so, how?
A. Yes. I bake things for parties we have and sometimes help with the girls’ camp in the summer.

Q. Do you find that most Catholics are well-catechized?
A. Most traditional Catholics are, but not so much for Novus Ordo.

Q. Did you take Rite of Christian Initiation classes?
A. If so, tell us something about your experience there. I did, and I thought my instructor, a layman, was very good. He was also a convert. I think I am the only person from my class of about 10 who is still Catholic.

Q. To what extent was the witness of Catholics (clergy and/or laity) instrumental in your conversion?
A. Excellent! I was going to a Rosary prayer group for months, but no one said anything to me about conversion until they know for sure I was in the process. I really appreciated that. There is no specific person who was instrumental, everyone I came in contact with was helpful.

Q. If you could offer advice to Catholics who wish to help others convert, what would you say?
A. Learn your faith! Read Church history, read traditional books. Most of all, try to understand that we live in a very non-Catholic world, so many people will have problems with the Church. I think it’s because Catholics have allowed themselves to be portrayed in a negative way and sometimes, we assume people will know what we are talking about.

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