TALES FROM THE JOURNEY HOME: ‘It’s like God had it all planned out for me…’

1. How old are you?
A. 51

2. What do you do for a living?
A. Electronics Manufacturing/Quality Assurance

3. Where do you live?
A. San Pedro,CA

4. What faith tradition were you raised in?
A. Mom, was Catholic and told us we could choose our own faith when we got old enough. She taught me the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be…and gave me a New Testament. She passed away when I was little.

5. What initially attracted you to the Catholic Church?
A. A couple friends at work were really involved in their Parish and invited me to a Holy Spirit Retreat. I was also feeling God’s call deep within me, prior to their invitation…it’s like God had it all planned out for me…the longings then the invitation. It was up to me to say yes. It’s hard to describe.

6. Did you have erroneous ideas about the Church before you converted? If so, what were they?
A. I had heard all of the common ones from Protestant Fundamentalists. I’m sure you are familiar with them…not worth listing here.

7. How did your friends and family react to your conversion?
A. All of my “old” friends basically expressed discomfort. Now they speak to me in a condescending manner, as if I’m inferior to them. Jesus told us this would happen.

8. Do you attend the Novus Ordo or the traditional Latin Mass?
A. I’ve never attended a Traditional Latin Mass, although I’d love to. I have the older Missal, so I read that from time to time.

9. Are you involved in your parish? If so, how?
A. At my previous Parish, I’ve facilitated (provided input) at the RCIA meetings, played drums in the choir group. I am a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus.

10. Do you find that most Catholics are well-catechized?
A. In the basics, yes. There’s always room for improvement. It would be nice if Parishes offered more ongoing Religious Education, Theology, and Prayer classes.

11. Did you take Rite of Christian Initiation classes? If so, tell us something about your experience there.
A. Yes, I entered the Church through the RCIA program. It was a great period of discovery and wonder for me.

12. To what extent was the witness of Catholics (clergy and/or laity) instrumental in your conversion?
A. To a great extent! The co-workers that invited me to the Holy Spirit Retreat saved my life. My confessor and God Parents, also played a huge role.

13. If you could offer advice to Catholics who wish to help others convert, what would you say?
A. Live your faith, at all times…joy is contagious.

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