Lough Derg

Saint Patrick’s Purgatory by Tamara Isabell It is a pilgrimage renowned for its austerity — fasting, walking barefoot, sleep deprivation, intense self-examination and prayer. Some may wonder what it is that draws pilgrims by the thousands year after year; especially today, when Catholics have little experience of penance. Since the early Middle Ages, Lough Derg, … Read more

Uninterrupted Masses For 800 Years

The Irish Abbey That Refused To Die by Teresa Limjoco Village of St Patrick’s Well ‘Ballintubber’ — As with all things Irish, there is a mystery captured in the name. In the west of Ireland, nestled amidst County Mayo’s rolling green hills, sits ancient Balintubber Abbey. Its name comes from the Gaelic, ‘Baile an Tobair … Read more