St. Columba Brings Catholicism To The Wild Coast Of Scotland

How Civilising Scotland Started With St. Columba June 9 Today is the feast day of Saint Columba.  Ora pro nobis. By Michael Durnan The story of Scottish civilisation begins fifteen centuries ago, when a group of twelve Christian monks, led by St. Columba, set sail from Ireland to the wild coast of Scotland. The Ireland … Read more

The Sins Of Cardinal David Beaton Lead To Revolt In Scotland

The Strange Story of the Scottish Cardinal by Beverly De Soto Stevens At the beginning of the 16th century Scotland was a Catholic country. And David Beaton was a Catholic family man, of sorts. That is to say he had a mistress, and eight children. He was also Cardinal of the Scottish Catholic Church. A … Read more

St. Mungo: The Saint Who Evangelized Glasgow

Son of a Princess Raped By a Prince The ‘Dear One’ Who Brought Christianity to Glasgow By Michael Durnan Glasgow today is a sprawling, post-industrial city; ugly post-war architecture occupies former Luftwaffe bomb craters like so many broken teeth. But it was not always so. Deep in Glasgow’s ancient, green heart lies the formerly-Catholic Cathedral … Read more