Understanding Catholic France: A Conversation with a French Country Priest

By Harry Stevens France is a confusing place for outsiders, especially when they don’t speak French and they are trying to understand the position of the Catholic Church there. Thankfully, a chance encounter with an English-speaking country priest with a broad and deep education led Regina Magazine down a fascinating path. Here’s our interview with … Read more

Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb

‘His Spouses, Small and Well-Loved’ By Donna Sue Berry Within this garden there is the small community of Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb.  The existence of this Order, according to their Prioress is “to allow those who have the ‘last place’ in the world, to hold in the Church the exceptional place of spouses … Read more

Solesmes Abbey: The Unquiet Home of Gregorian Chant

Hidden In A French Valley ANCIENT CHRISTIAN WORSHIP: The Abbey of Solesmes stands above the valley of the Sarthe River, midway between Le Mans and Angers.  St. Thuribus, in the fifth century, organized Christian worship here in the Gallo-Roman villa de Solesmis.  The Abbey was founded in 1010, half a century before the Normans invaded England … Read more