Saints Justa and Rufina, Martyrs

July 19

Today is the feast day of Saints Justa and Rufina.  Orate pro nobis.

Justa and her sister Rufina were pottery sellers in Seville, Spain during Diocletian’s persecutions of the early Christians. When the two sisters refused to sell their wares to be used in pagan ceremonies, their stock was destroyed. In retaliation they destroyed the image of a pagan goddess, were then seized.

The prefect, after they had boldly confessed Christ, commanded them to be stretched on the rack and their sides to be torn with hooks. An idol was placed near the rack with incense, that if they would offer sacrifice they should be released; but their fidelity was not to be shaken. Justa died on the rack; the judge ordered Rufina to be strangled, and their bodies to be burned. They are greatly venerated in Spain, and no doubt their names represent historical martyrs in that place.

They are the Patrons of Potters.

Image: Santas Justa y Rufina (3)

Research by REGINA Staff


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