The Best In Female Scottish Fashion

Lovely Light Coats for Lasses Showcase Scottish Fashion

By The Cathaholic Shopaholic

With an eye on the best in Scottish fashion, REGINA Magazine’s Cathaholic Shopaholic has spotted some of the beautiful coats for lasses throughout the country.

Scottish Coats Photos


NOVA SCOTIA: Once again REGINA’s favorite fashion icon, Kate Middleton sets the standard for style on a recent trip to Glasgow, Scotland. How utterly charming does she look in this tartan Workers Coat by Moloh?  PHOTO CREDIT: REX

moloh Workers Coat
WORKER’S COAT: The word ‘tartan’ refers to the pattern of interlocking stripes which we would typically call ‘plaid.’ The various tartan patterns sometimes (but not always!) represent Scottish families or clans.

The Moloh Worker’s Coat is also available in other patterns at (The Cathaholic Shopaholic loves the sleek and feminine cut of this coat!)

SS Workers Coat

IT RAINS A LOT IN SCOTLAND: Recently, REGINA editor Beverly Stevens noticed Scottish lasses sporting this look on the streets of Edinburgh.


MUST HAVE TARTAN: If you like the look, but must have it in tartan, then check these out at Scotland Shop


A REAL DEAL: Want your tartan without breaking the bank? Go to Heritage of Scotland.  You might have to dig around a bit to find your size, but the savings are so worth it!





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