Saint Richard, King and Confessor

February 7

Today is the feast day of Saint Richard.  Ora pro nobis.

Saint Richard (also known as Saint Richard the Pilgrim,  Saint Richard of Lucca, Saint Richard the Saxon, Saint Ricarius, and Saint Richard of Wessex was an English prince, in the kingdom of the West-Saxons, and was perhaps deprived of his inheritance by some revolution in the state: or he renounced it to be more at liberty to dedicate himself to the pursuit of Christian perfection. 

His three children, Winebald, Willibald, and Warburga, are all honored as saints. His wife, Winna, was the sister of Saint Boniface. Taking with him his two sons, he undertook a pilgrimage of penance and devotion, and sailing for Hamblehaven, landed in Neustria on the Western coasts of France. (1)

He made a considerable stay at Rouen, and made his devotions in the most holy places that lay in his way through France. Being arrived at Lucca in Italy, in his road to Rome, he there died suddenly, about the year 722, and was buried in St. Fridian’s church there. (3) His relics are venerated to this day in the same place, and his festival kept at Lucca with singular devotion. (2)

Image: St Richard, a king of the West Saxons, AD 720 (4)

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