Regina’s Road to Recovery

By Beverly Stevens, REGINA Editor

Three people I know have this year buried their young adult children. They died in grotesque ways—all  from drug addiction.

Countless others are despairing of their loved ones,  caught in a tarantula’s web of addictions and despair.

I try to avoid writing opinion pieces because, well, I’m an editor. That means my job is to edit other people’s words in order to share them with REGINA readers.

But I hear from a lot of lonely, disaffected Catholics. Also non-Catholics who are longing for the Real Presence, though they are just beginning to realize this. Also, people who are really worried about the way the world is going, and who distrust our current religious and political leadership.

So, what should you do? Medicate your grief? Buy advanced weaponry? Construct a compound? Rail against the Empire in Facebook groups?


Here’s Regina’s Road to Recovery, which, while it demands that you risk your time, talent and treasure, will certainly do more good and make you much happier than any of the above options.

  1. Find a reverently celebrated Mass.
  2. Attend this Mass, get to know the priest and the people there.
  3. Support the Mass in the best way you can – financially, by singing in the choir, baking treats, serving coffee afterwards, assisting the elderly in attending, babysitting during Mass, organizing a youth group.
  4. Whatever needs doing, do.
  5. Can’t sing, bake, or organize? Don’t have any money? Take over an hour of adoration. Offer to clean the church, arrange the flowers, launder the altar linens. Help out at funerals. Be an usher.
  6. How about helping the next generation of Catholics? There are homeschooling families who need college tuition assistance. There are splendid new Catholic academies that need funds for books and volunteers to help out. There are Catholic churches falling into ruin being saved by struggling young Orders. There are Catholic film-makers and artists leading hardscrabble lives in order to create real Catholic art.
  7. Have a talent that is getting rusty? Repair vestments. Restore statues. Look after the church and rectory gardens.

Am I suggesting that you build your life around this Mass?

Emphatically, YES.

Why? Because this is what Catholics DO, and have done for 2000 years.

How did our ancestors –yours and mine — survive persecution, poverty, injustice, and ignorance plus rapacious politics, both clerical and secular?

They centered their lives around a Mass – in a monastery, in a parish, in a field. They received the grace they needed to persevere from the Sacraments.

This, folks, is how CHRISTENDOM was built.

How do you take the first step? Peruse the pages of Regina Magazine.

Be bold. Click through and contact the parishes, Orders, schools and groups we cover.

If your life is not what it should be, do this. If your family’s life is not what it should be, do this.

You will never regret it, but you may well regret spending your time, talent and treasure elsewhere.

Do this, for yourself. Do this, for your family.

Deepen your faith.

Be inspired.

Get involved.

Help carry the Faith forward to the next generation.

Live a Catholic life.


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