Ten Years of Training

A Visit to Bath, England for the 11th Annual Training Conference organized by the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales.   Prior Park College is a stately home in Bath, now a Catholic boarding school for secondary students. Their classical style chapel is very beautiful, and has not suffered from any significant reordering or … Read more

Saint Rocco in the Streets of New York

By Beverly Stevens In the 19th and 20th centuries, the Vatican learnt by experience to address the needs of Catholic emigrants flung far from their homelands by the winds of politics and war. In the New World, the conflicts which not infrequently arose between national groups of immigrants and the Church of Saint Rocco’s origins … Read more

NYPD Catholic

The Story of the Patrolman’s Fraternity of St. Michael By Matthew Reid, New York Police Department (NYPD) Catholic Cops The police profession, harking back to the very first days of American policing in the 1840’s, has always been a heavily Irish Catholic profession.  That being said, later on the Italians began to bring significant numbers into … Read more

Who Needs Men in Church?

By Joseph Shaw   Cardinal Burke recently gave a rather controversial interview on the crisis of men in Church. The lack of men in most Catholic churches in the West is there for all to see; looking at those most involved in parish life—readers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Altar servers—the lack of menfolk is … Read more

The Explosive Online Growth of a Catholic Family Firm

Lily’s Story REGINA Magazine advertiser Veils By Lily is a Catholic success story experiencing exponential growth. A 2010 start-up bootstrapped by founder Lily Beck Wilson in Missouri, USA, Veils by Lily has learned quickly as it has grown: what works and what doesn’t in the brave new world of Catholic social media and advertising. In … Read more

A Catholic Bride

Six Beautiful Brides On Why A Catholic Marriage is Different   SISTERS SUSAN AND ELIZABETH TOFFLER prepare for their double wedding in Portland, Oregon. “We believe Catholic marriage is a way to unite the human with the Divine; we are cooperating with God’s Will for our lives.” “A CATHOLIC MARRIAGE IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE IT IS … Read more


Conquistador your stallion stands in need of company And like some angel’s haloed brow You reek of purity I see your armor plated breast Has long since lost its sheen And in your death mask face There are no signs which can be seen And though I hoped for something to find I could see … Read more


A Wall Street Guy On Why The Dominican Nuns ‘Are My Heroines’ By Peter Kenny Summit, New Jersey Peter Kenny has worked on Wall Street for all of his long career, holding many senior positions including a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, Peter is a respected financial markets commentator both on TV and … Read more

Chavagnes International College

Chavagnes International College a été fondé en 2002 dans un ancien petit séminaire de l’ouest de la France, par un groupe de professeurs britanniques sous la direction de Ferdi McDermott, ancien éditeur catholique. Ferdi a été lui-même directeur du Collège depuis 2007. Qu’est-ce qui vous a poussé à fonder ce collège ? J’ai toujours été … Read more

Faith Under Fire

How Roy Campbell Saved the Writings of St John of the Cross From the Bonfires of the Spanish Civil War by Meghan Ferrara PHOTO CREDITS: Teresa Limjoco It may seem improbable to consider that St. John of the Cross, the Spanish Civil War, and JRR Tolkien have anything in common. However, all three share one … Read more

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