A College in the Lived Tradition of the Faith in Australia

Photo Credits: Jenna Barlow & Michael Mendieta Opened in 2006 as Australia’s first liberal arts tertiary college, Campion College was named after the 16th century Oxford scholar and martyr, St Edmund Campion. The Saint has long served as a patron of lay Catholic educational initiatives in Australia, beginning with the Campion Society in the 1930s. … Read more

A Catholic Miracle in Shangri-La

Today, it’s the Shangri-la of college campuses. But it was not always so. The Catholics who founded Thomas Aquinas College in 1969 were laymen taking on an enormous challenge, unheard of at a time when Catholic schools were universally administered by the clergy. And the story of how they established this inspiring Catholic college nestled … Read more

A Visit to St Thomas More

Article and Photos by Penny Silvers The rooster crowed, its exultant cry piercing through the stillness of the Prayer of Consecration. It was the first school Mass of the new academic year, and all around me students were kneeling, their young faces registering a mixture of perplexity and curiosity.  “It was a moment filled with theological … Read more

In the Austrian Alps

Living Ignatian Spirituality & Dominican Theology with the Servi Founded in 1988, the Servants of Jesus and Mary are an Order of Papal Right. They are based in Blindenmarkt, in the district of Melk in lower Austria. Today, the Order has 50 members, of which 30 are priests working closely with the Scouts in Europe, … Read more

American Revolution

The Inside Story on Seton Homeschooling By Bridget Green Photos by: Jim Shanley She may not look like a revolutionary, but make no mistake about it – Mary Kay Clark most definitely is. In 1980, she and Catholic educator Anne Carroll and Mary Kay Clark embarked on a shoestring start-up homeschooling adventure that has become … Read more

Reportage depuis l’Oeil du Cyclone

Un entretien exclusif entre Regina et le jounaliste du Vatican Edward Pentin sur les manigances du synode. Par Beverly Stevens, rédacteur en chef. Photos d’Edward Pentin & Harry Stevens. Il s’agit d’un exemple parfait de la raison pour laquelle, aujourd’hui, les catholiques doivent être plus éduqués. En octobre dernier, des reportages à sensations ont émané … Read more

The Secret of the Seminaire de la Castille

By Daniel Rabourdin PHOTOS courtesy of the Seminary It’s one of the bright lights of Catholic France. Nestled on a hillside overlooking the azure Mediterranean sea, the Seminaire de la Castille today has an astonishing 53 seminarians – this, at a time when most of France’s seminaries are nearly empty, and many are quietly closing. … Read more

Thoughts on A Young Man’s Vocation

By Charles Bradshaw Photo Credit: Harry Stevens It was early on a cool Palm Sunday morning in 2008 that I found myself a few centimetres away from the High Altar on St Peter’s Square, ready for Mass with Pope Benedict XVI. From the sagrato or platform, over the heads of thousands of people gathered in … Read more

Finis noster principium nostrum

Starting Up the Only All-Boys Catholic School in Oklahoma By Donna Sue Berry Photo Credit: Brycie Matthews Loepp   Is a boy capable of mastering himself? Discerning his God-given vocation? Leading his future family? These days, in the teeth of an ideologically-driven U.S. education culture which has arguably hobbled many young men’s academic and leadership … Read more

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