What My Grandfather’s Death Taught Me About Life

By Zoey Di Mauro As he lay dying, almost every word out my grandfather’s mouth was a joke. It was as if all the wit he had was concentrated into the few sentences he was able to manage between breaths on his oxygen mask. “Can I listen to your breathing?” a nurse asked. “Everyone else … Read more

Paris in Pain

Paris is a lovely woman, and she is in atrocious pain.  They are her children, these French Catholics, and REGINA readers. Eric Paunowitsch is 58 years old, living in the west of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, where last Friday’s attacks took place. Marie Rivière, 42, lives just outside Paris. Jean Lamotte, 45, is a … Read more

A Tale of Two Women

Photo Credit: Emanuele Capoferri They are Italian women, drawn to the beauty of the Latin Mass. Laura is 22; Marcella is 56. Both journeyed to Rome from their wide-flung regions for the golden October days of Summorum Pontificum 2015. While they were there, the Synod on the Family convened, where the Church’s hierarchy discussed how … Read more

Empty Seats

Where are all the great Catholic films? If Christmas is the time for great family films, 2015 marks yet another year where Catholics are absent from the box office.  In this second of a two-part series, REGINA continues our roundtable discussion about this with Catholic film-makers in Australia, France, Italy and the UK. Our first … Read more

Christmas Convert

By Brennan Doherty Photo by Fr Jeffrey Keyes This is a story about a Christmas Convert. It was not Christmas when I invited her. It was not an emotional kind of holiday experience.  Nonetheless, I learned later that the woman who had accompanied me to the traditional Latin Mass (the Dominican rite), this praise-and-worship, non-denominational … Read more

An Illuminated Christmas

by Meghan Ferrara The Nativity of Our Lord has inspired some of the most exquisite art of the Christian ages. Beginning with the early Christians and through the High Middle Ages, illuminated manuscripts communicated and preserved the history and high culture of Christendom. FOR A THOUSAND YEARS, ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS DEPICTED BIBLICAL SCENES OF THE CHRISTMAS … Read more

The Queen of Queens

Starting Up a Catholic Homeschooling Co-op in the Heart of New York City She is a recent convert to the Faith, at this past Easter Vigil. She says her conversion was ‘a slow and deeply intellectual process, with many issues to contend with before finally accepting the Faith–primarily, issues of culture and ethnicity.’ Now, however, … Read more

A Distant Prospect

A Distant Prospect Meet Lucy, a smart teenager with a bad attitude. She’s Irish, she’s Catholic and she’s stuck in a girls’ school. She’s also got polio and a boatload of bad memories. The year is 1928. The place is Sydney, Australia. REGINA is delighted to introduce you to Lucy and her world in this … Read more

For Auld Lang Syne

In 1788, Scotland’s greatest poet Robert Burns set his poem to a traditional folk hymn. In the 250 years since, ‘Auld Lang Syne’ has been traditionally sung at the conclusion of New Year gatherings around the world, especially in English-speaking countries. Auld Lang Syne begins by asking whether it is right that old times be … Read more


A short story by Patrick Michael Clark Photos courtesy of Library of Congress They were tearing down the last of the scaffolding from the towers that rose above the overgrown park. For three years Davey and Connor had watched the workmen climb the ladders and catwalks that surrounded the face of the new cathedral. Each … Read more

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