Mrs. Forsyth Explains

Anne Forsyth is Director of College Relations and  Assistant to the President of Thomas Aquinas College. The College, considered one of the nation’s finest private Catholic  colleges, today faces one of the gravest challenges in its history. The US Supreme Court is hearing arguments by the Obama administration to force the College to provide information on … Read more

Time to Bring Tenebrae Out of the Shadows

by Clare Bowskill It is one of the oldest offices in the liturgy of the Catholic Church. It features some of the most beautiful music ever written. So why have so many of us never heard of it? Why am l completely in the dark about Tenebrae? During Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum, the three … Read more

Jennifer’s Tale – Part 2

(For Part One, click HERE) Jennifer (not her real name) is a 42 year old NYC teacher. A cradle Catholic, she had not practiced her Faith for years. After a traumatic abortion experience, she reached out for help – and found herself directed to the Church, in the person of a priest in an amazing … Read more

Jennifer’s Tale – Part 1

Many post-abortive women suffer from psychic pain. Most have not understood the degree to which they were victimized – by a ‘dating’ ethos which insists that promiscuity is ‘empowering’, by the men who bully them into aborting, by a society which allows no room for single mothers. Most cruelly, they are put in the position … Read more

Paratrooper Priest

He is 32 years old, often deployed, supporting French troops as a Catholic priest wherever the winds of war may take them.  His experience is telling, not only because he is from a country whose media and intellectual elite are often vituperatively anti-clerical, but because he is serving on dangerous missions to protect that same country. … Read more

American Demons

Ever wonder what happens to neglected children in a secular culture driven by materialism and devoid of integrity? David is now 22 years old, born and raised a nominal Christian in the American South. But as a teenager, he entered the shadowy world of the occult, through a portal in his computer. What David saw … Read more

Those Hilarious Anti-Catholic Haters

by Beverly Stevens, REGINA Editor Running a popular Catholic e-Magazine and Facebook Page  has given the admins at REGINA Magazine a closer familiarity than most with that curious species, the Anti-Catholic Bigot.  While many may have assumed that they were an extinct species, we can assure you that they are alive and well. And, though their … Read more

The Nativity of Our Lord

By Jacob Boddicker, SJ All of history held its breath to stare Though no midnight chime did sound the hour Nor did any mighty trumpet blast dare, For then did awed silence hold all power. Yet all was shattered by a baby’s cry— The Word of God’s first wordless utter loosed— Followed soon by the Virgin’s … Read more

The Mind of Christopher West

Christopher West is a well-known commentator on Pope John Paul II’s ‘Theology of the Body’ lectures. Before his writing and speaking career, he worked as Director of the Marriage and Family Life Office in the Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado. Since the late 1990s, he’s been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in family ethics. In 2004, … Read more

Are You Alone This Christmas?

Are You Alone This Christmas? Are you alone this Christmas? If you are, we’d like you to meet Brian and Danielle. Today they are married, with kids — but once upon a time they were in your shoes, too.* Is it possible for two devout Catholic adults to meet and marry, and live happily ever after? … Read more

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