The Vigil of the Nativity


December 24 Adapted from The Liturgical Year by Abbot Gueranger, The Vigil of the Nativity Ascendit autem et Joseph . . . ut profittretur cutit Maria desponsata sibi uxore pregnant. “And Joseph also went up . . . to be enrolled with Mary his espoused wife, who was with child.”–St. Luke, ii. 4. “At length,” … Read more

They Have a Dream

The Mueller Family Working For Chant & Polyphony To Be Restored to the Mass By Donna Sue Berry If you have found your way into a pew for a Latin Mass, you may well have heard polyphony and chant — possibly for the first time — in exactly the place where they were intended to … Read more

Burke & Belfast

Photos by Stephen Tyrrell Stephen recently sat down with REGINA to tell us about his reversion, the impact of the TLM in Belfast and a recent visit from Raymond Cardinal Burke for the Catholic Voice conference in Limerick. Forty years ago, it was a war zone. Belfast, Northern Ireland was the scene of horrific sectarian … Read more

A Christmas with Mary

A Short Story A Christmas with Mary by Beverly Stevens Walking home from school was when it started.  I had been walking the mile and a half home since I was seven years old, so by the time I was twelve, it was second nature to me. I trudged along, oblivious to the traffic speeding … Read more

Silence in the Mass

A Meditation on the Low Mass By Wilson Gavin Photos by Beverly Stevens and Elrica D’Oyen-Gebert It is perhaps a little unusual, but the thing I love most about the Latin Mass is silence. Most traditionalists seem to be drawn to the glory of the High Mass; truly, there is no experience that we can … Read more

The Story of the Magi

The Story of the Magi By Ed Masters   A caravan of dromedaries treks across the burning desert in the Middle East. The scene was a familiar one since at least Abraham’s time across the time-worn routes of trade and barter, exploration and war scouts. But one memorable journey made over two thousand years ago … Read more

Walsingham Walk

Our Lady of Walsingham’s feast day today.  Ora pro nobis. Photos by John Aron Our story begins before the Norman Invasion in 1066. Five years earlier, a Lady of Walsingham Manor reported that she was ‘taken in spirit’ to Nazareth, shown the house where the Annunciation took place and asked by Our Lady to build … Read more

Saint Thorlac Thorhallson of Iceland, Bishop

Saint Thorlac

December 23 Today is the feast day of Saint Thorlac Thorhallson.  Ora pro nobis. Thorlac (Thorlak) was born in 1133, less than two centuries after German and Norwegian missionaries began the first effective evangelization of Iceland. The pagan nation’s conversion had involved a dramatic national struggle, as many Icelanders clung fiercely to their ancestral religion … Read more

Saint Servulus of Rome, Confessor

December 23 Today is the feast day of Saint Servulus.  Ora pro nobis. In this holy man was exemplified what our divine Redeemer taught of Lazarus, the poor man full of sores who lay at the gate of the rich man’s house. Servulus was a beggar, afflicted with the palsy from his infancy, so that … Read more

Saint Thomas, Apostle, Martyr

Saint Thomas

December 21 Today is the feast day of Saint Thomas.  Ora pro nobis. by Father Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876 Saint Thomas was a fisherman, born in Galilee. The divine Saviour received him among His Apostles, to announce His Gospel to the world, and to convert mankind. From the time that he was chosen to so … Read more

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