Passion Sunday

Today is Passion Sunday by Dom Prosper Gueranger 1870 Today, if ye shall hear the voice of the Lord, harden not your hearts.   The Holy Church begins her Night Office of this Sunday with these impressive words of the Royal Prophet. Formerly, the faithful considered it their duty to assist at the Night Office, … Read more

Saint Cellach of Armagh, Confessor

April 1 Today is the feast day of Saint Cellach of Armagh.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Cellach (Ceilach, Celestinus, Celsus, Keilach, Kelly) was born in 1080.  He was Son of Áed mac Máele Ísu meic Amalgada. He belonged to a powerful local family, the Clann Sínaigh, which controlled what was then the hereditary lay abbacy of … Read more

Saint Hugh of Grenoble, Bishop

April 1 Today is the feast day of Saint Hugh of Grenoble.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Hugh was born at Châteauneuf-d’Isère, near Valence in the Dauphiné, France, to the son of a military officer in his second marriage. Hugh’s father (Odilo)  became well-known for his piety and religious nature, and despite his two marriages, later … Read more

A ‘Celebrity’ Pope

VIEW FROM THE PEW Is Pope Francis the first ‘celebrity pope’? To what extent does the mass media influence the Vatican and the world’s perception of a Pope? Five ordinary US Catholics got together on Facebook recently to hash it out. Here’s what Zachary, 31, a security guard from California; Robert, 61, a lawyer from … Read more

Saint Stephen of Mar Saba, Monk

March 31 Today is the feast day of Saint Stephen of Mar Saba.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Stephen was a nephew of John of Damascus who spent a half-century as a monk in the convent of Mar Saba overlooking the Kidron Valley in the West Bank, east of Bethlehem. Entering the monastery to train with … Read more

Are Ordinary Catholics Too Frightened to Discuss Pope Francis?

VIEW FROM THE PEW Is criticizing the Pope a sin? Catholics and journalists around the world have begun to express confusion and uncertainty about the direction that the Church is taking. While Pope Francis has gained universal acclaim in the secular media as the ‘approachable face’ of Catholicism, his admirers tend to avoid the essential … Read more

Saint John Climacus, Abbot

March 30 Today is the feast day of Saint John Climacus.  Ora pro nobis.   Saint John Climacus was also surnamed SCHOLASTICUS, and THE SINAITA.  He was born doubtlessly in Syria, about 525, and  died  on Mount Sinai. Saint John,  was called Climacus because of a treatise he wrote called The Ladder (Climax) of Paradise. … Read more

Saint Eustace of Luxeuil, Abbot

March 29 Today is the feast day of Saint Eustace of Luxeuil.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Eustace was born about 560 and died about 629. (2) He was a favourite disciple and monk of Saint Columbanus (f.d. November 21), whom he succeeded as second abbot of Luxeuil in 611. (3)  When Columbanus, the founder of … Read more

Saint Gundleus, Confessor

March 29 Today is the feast day of Saint Gundleus.  Ora pro nobis. Troparion of St Gladys and St Gwynllyn   Rejoice, thrice-blessed Gladys, daughter of King Brychan, wife of holy Gwynllyn and mother of Saint Cadoc. O worthy Gwynllyn, thou didst forsake thy pagan warfare to fight as a Christian ascetic and didst end … Read more

Saint John Capistrano, Confessor

March 28 Today is the feast day of Saint John Capistrano. Ora pro nobis. by Father Francis Xavier Weninger, 1876  Among the Saints who glorified and illustrated the Church of Christ in the 15th Century, St. John was one of the most famous. He derived his surname from the place of his birth, Capistran, a … Read more

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