Saint Robert Bellarmine, Bishop, and Doctor of the Church

May 13 Today is the feast day of Saint Robert Bellarmine.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Robert Bellarmine was born at Montepulciano, Italy in 1542, the third of ten children. His father was Vincenzo Bellarmino, his mother Cinthia Cervini, sister of Cardinal Marcello Cervini, afterwards Pope Marcellus II.  (5) After being educated by the Jesuits, he … Read more

Saint Epiphanius, Bishop

May 12 Today is the feast day of Saint Epiphanius.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Epiphanius was born about the year 315, of Israelite parents, in Palestine. He lost his father while very young, and was raised by a wealthy man who later made him his heir when he died. In his youth he began the … Read more

Saints Nereus, Aghilleus, Domitilla, and Pancratius, Martyrs

May 12 Today is the feast day of Saints Nereus, Aghilleus, Domitilla, and Pancratius. Orate pro nobis. by Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger, 1877 Nereus and Achilleus, two brothers, who in their youth had been baptised by the holy Apostle Peter, were servants of Flavia Domitilla, first cousin of the Emperor Domitian. They had, by their … Read more

Feast of Saints Philip and James, Apostles, Martyrs

May 11 Today is the feast day of Saints Philip and James.  Orate pro nobis. By Dom Gueranger Two of the favored witnesses of our Beloved Jesus’ Resurrection come before us today. Sts. Philip and James are here, bearing testimony to us that their Master is truly risen from the dead, that they have seen … Read more

The Devil Hates Latin

 By Katharine Galgano REGINA PRESS has released our first novel recently, to significant popular acclaim. As a special gift for our loyal Regina Magazine readers, here’s a taste of Katharine Galgano’s work. (See customer reviews HERE.) PROLOGUE The Cardinal inhaled sharply. The view from the papal apartments over St Peter’s Square revealed a stark late … Read more

Saint Antoninus, Bishop and Confessor

May 10 Today is the feast day of Saint Antoninus.  Ora pro nobis. by Dom Prosper Gueranger 1870 The Order of St. Dominic, which has already presented to our Triumphant Jesus Peter the Martyr and Catharine the seraph of Sienna, sends him, today, one of the many Bishops trained and formed in its admirable school. … Read more

Apparition of Saint Michael the Archangel

May  8 Today is the feast/memorial of Apparition of Saint Michael the Archangel. by Dom Prosper Gueranger 1870 David foretold that the Emmanuel’s coming into this world would be greeted by the Angels, and that they would humbly adore him on his first appearing among us (Ps. xcvi. 8, Heb. i. 6). We saw this … Read more

Saint Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr

May 7 Today is the feast day of Saint Stanislaus.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Stanislaus was born in answer to prayer, when his parents were advanced in age. Out of gratitude they educated him for the Church. When his parents died, he sold their vast properties and gave the price to the poor. He was … Read more

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