Saint Pelagius of Cordova, Martyr

June 26 Today is the feast day of Saint Pelagius of Cordova.  Ora pro nobis. Pelagius was born about 915, and was martyred 925. Essentially nothing is known of his birth and early life.  He had an uncle who was Bishop of Tuy (in the northwestern region of Galicia), named Hermoygius. Pelagius lived in Galicia, at a time when there was … Read more

Third Sunday After Pentecost

Third Sunday After Pentecost By Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger, 1877 What man is there of you that doth not leave the ninety-nine sheep, and go after that which was lost until he find it?”–Luke 15. “God wills the salvation of all men,” says the Apostle of the Gentiles. Should any one gifted with the use … Read more

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Today is the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus The Friday that follows the Second Sunday in Time After Pentecost is the Feast of the Sacred Heart which brings to mind all the attributes of His Divine Heart mentioned above. Many Catholics prepare for this Feast by beginning a Novena to the Sacred Heart … Read more

Saint Ephrem, Confessor, Doctor of the Church

June 18 Today is the feast day of Saint Ephrem.  Ora pro nobis. Ephrem was born at Nisibis, then under Roman rule, early in the fourth century; died June, 373. The name of his father is unknown, but he was a pagan and a priest of the goddess Abnil or Abizal. His mother was a … Read more

Second Sunday After Pentecost

SECOND SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST By Fr. Raphael Frassinetti, 1900   Gospel. Luke xiv. 16-24. At that time: Jesus spoke to the Pharisees this parable: A certain man made a great supper, and invited many. And he sent his servant at the hour of supper to say to them that were invited, that they should come, … Read more

Saint Orso of Aosta, Confessor

June 17 Today is the feast day of Saint Orso.  Ora pro nobis. Very little is know about Saint Orso. Leaving his native Ireland and traveling to Italy, Orso evangelized in the region of Aosta, bordering Switzerland and France in Italy’s extreme northwest comer. He was a man of great faith who had a speaking … Read more

Saint Avitus, Abbot

June 17 Today is the feast day of Saint Avitus.  Ora pro nobis. Avitus (Avit) was born of a prominent Gallo-Roman family closely related to the Emperor Avitus and other illustrious persons, and in which episcopal honors were hereditary.   From his youth he desired to consecrate himself to God, and he received the monastic habit … Read more

Saint Benno of Meissen, Bishop, Confessor

June 16 Today is the feast day of Saint Benno of Meissen.  Ora pro nobis. Benno was born to a noble family in Hildesheim, Saxony, (now Germany). Benno was the second son of Count Frederick of Bultenberg. As a young man, Benno was sent off to his uncle, Bernward, to be educated. Bernward was a bishop … Read more

The Feast of Corpus Christi

Today is the feast of Corpus Christi. This Feast of the Sacred Body of Our Divine Lord is celebrated in the Latin Church on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday to solemnly commemorate the Institution of the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. This great event is also commemorated on Maundy Thursday, mentioned as Natalia Calicis (Birth of … Read more

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