Saint Lydwina of Schiedam, Virgin

April 14 Today is the feast day of Saint Lydwina. Ora pro nobis. In 1380, Saint Lydwine was born in the small town of Schiedam in Holland. Her father was a wealthy noble named Peter, and her mother was from a poor family who worked their own farm. Her father’s family lost their fortune, and … Read more

Saint Benezet, Confessor

April 14 Today is the feast day of Saint Benezet.  Ora pro nobis. Saint Benezet (Little Benedict) kept his mother’s sheep in the country, and while still a young child was devoted to practices of piety. (1) He was deeply concerned about how dangerous it was for poor people to cross the unpredictable Rhône River.  … Read more

Saint Justin, Martyr

April 14 Today is the feast day of Saint Justin, or Saint Justin Martyr.  Ora pro nobis. St. Justin, the son of Priscus, was a Greek by race, and was born at Nablus in Palestine. He passed his youth in the study of letters. When he grew to manhood he was so taken with the … Read more

Blessed Margaret of Castello, Virgin

April 13 Today is the feast day of Blessed Margaret of Castello.  Ora pro nobis. Blessed Margaret of Castello was born blind, lame, deformed, hunchbacked and a dwarf, into a family of nobles in the castle of Metola, in southeast of Florence. As a child, her parents Parisio and Emilia imprisoned her for 14 years … Read more

Saint Hermenegild, Martyr

April 13 Today is the feast day of Saint Hermenegild. Ora pro nobis. Leovigild, Arian King of the Visigoths, had two sons, Hermenegild and Recared, who were reigning conjointly with him. All were Arians, but Hermenegild married a zealous Catholic, the daughter of Sigebert, King of France, and by her holy example was converted to … Read more

Saint Bademus, Martyr

April 10 Today is the feast day of Saint Bademus.  Ora pro nobis.  Nothing is know about Saint Bademus early life. Bademus was originally a rich and noble citizen of Bethlapeta in Persia, who sold his rich possessions to follow Christ, then gave the greater part of the proceeds to the poor. He reserved just … Read more

Saint Hegesippus, Confessor

April 7 Today is the feast day of Saint Hegesippus.  Ora pro nobis. We know nothing of Saint Hegesippus early life. Saint Hegesippus was by culture a Jew who joined the Church of Jerusalem, when the disasters attaining his unhappy land opened his eyes to see their cause. His writings were known to Saint Jerome … Read more

Easter Thursday

Today is Easter Thursday Liturgical Year: Easter Thursday by Dom Gueranger, 1908 For to this end Christ died and rose again; that He might be Lord both of the dead and of the living.–Romans 14: 9 This is the day which the Lord hath made: let us be glad and rejoice therein. After having glorified … Read more

Easter Wednesday

Today is Easter Wednesday Liturgical Year: Easter Wednesday by Dom Gueranger, 1908 And when Moses had stretched forth his hand towards the sea, it returned at the first break of day to the former place: and as the Egyptians were fleeing away, the waters came upon them, and the Lord shut them up in the … Read more

Easter Tuesday

Today is Easter Tuesday. Liturgical Year: Easter Tuesday by Dom Gueranger, 1908 This is the day which the Lord hath made: let us be glad and rejoice therein. Our Pasch is the Lamb, and we meditated upon the mystery yesterday: now let us attentively consider those words of sacred Scripture, where, speaking of the Pasch, … Read more

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