A Wealthy Catholic Donor Rebels His name isn’t ‘Steve’. He’s a recently-retired Midwesterner, a convert to the Faith and a married man. He also donates in the mid five figures to the Catholic Church every year. Recently, he’s decided to divert a significant portion of that money away from his diocese. With the horrific revelations … Read more

“Parvis Imbutus Tentabis Grandia Tutus” or, How To Succeed at Latin

By Julie Collorafi There is a wise old Latin saying, beloved of elementary prep schools, which advises the need for consistent, thorough instruction in the basics, building a solid foundation upon which to build intensive, accelerated academic success on the secondary level. This motto, “Parvis imbutus tentabis grandia tutus” which is rendered literally as “You, having … Read more

Romance in the City

St John’s Summer Ball in Chicago By Meghan Ferrara Photos by William Benjamin Ladies in flowing evening gowns and elegant, white gloves. Gentlemen in crisp tuxedos and sharp bowties. Couples waltzing across the dance floor to music played by a live orchestra. No, this isn’t a nostalgic memory from a bygone era. It’s the scene … Read more

Not ‘Just a Building’

Brody Hale’s Fight to Save Catholic Churches By Meghan Ferrara It’s happening across the West. In recent years, a slow trickle has been turning into a steady stream — and in many countries, a Niagara — of beautiful, historic churches being shuttered.  The grief and frustration from these losses affect entire communities. Worse, most Catholics … Read more

Witness to The Rite

Mike Church Sees Apostolic Succession, Live! Radio host Mike Church braved sizzling temperatures, along with 1500 other faithful Catholics, to attend the June ordination Mass of the Fraternity of St Peter in Denton, Nebraska. Here’s what he told REGINA about the experience. REGINA: Why were you at this ordination? MIKE: I made a promise to … Read more

The Priory at the End of the Earth

Stunningly beautiful landscape. Sparsely populated. And way off the beaten path.  Tasmania is the island state off the south eastern coast of Australia. It is about two thirds the size of Ireland but, unlike the Emerald Isle, it has never seen a male Benedictine Monastery on its shores — until now.  REGINA sat down with … Read more

Phil Lawler Comes Clean

After a spirited and public defense of Pope Francis, the editor of the well-regarded Catholic World News Phil Lawler pens a highly critical book about the Argentine pontiff. Here, he speaks with REGINA about why. REGINA: You were at one time a vocal defender of Pope Francis; what inspired you to write ‘Lost Shepherd’? LAWLER: … Read more

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost by Fr. Francis Xaveir Weninger, 1877 “As Jesus drew near Jerusalem, seeing the city, He wept.” Luke 19, 41. Jesus wept! At the sight of tears we are irresistibly impelled to interrogate the weeper as to the cause ot his grief. This is especially the case if conscience lifts up its … Read more

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