Louis Parle

  Je suis né à La Rochelle en Charente-Maritime sur la côte atlantique et j’ai grandi à Châtelaillon-plage une petite ville de bord de mer.   Elevé dans une famille catholique très impliqué dans l’Église, j’ai été formé dès ma plus tendre enfance dans la foi catholique et nous donnions une place importante à la … Read more

The Secret Catholic Insider Guide to France

Passion, Courage & Glory Paris, 2014. We are a couple of American journalists in a tiny Audi, prepared to part ways and head out of town. The SAT NAV assures us it will be 21 minutes to our hotel.   Almost three hours later, we arrive. The problem? Animal rights protesters — thousands of them, … Read more

Understanding Catholic France: A Conversation with a French Country Priest

By Harry Stevens France is a confusing place for outsiders, especially when they don’t speak French and they are trying to understand the position of the Catholic Church there. Thankfully, a chance encounter with an English-speaking country priest with a broad and deep education led Regina Magazine down a fascinating path. Here’s our interview with … Read more

Academic Excellence and Holiness at Chavagnes International College

‘What Eton and Oxford Might Have Become’ Chavagnes International College was founded in 2002, in a large former junior seminary in the west of France, by a group of British teachers under the leadership of Ferdi McDermott, a former Catholic publisher. Ferdi has himself been Headmaster of the College since 2007. What inspired you to … Read more

The Monks of the Abbey of St Mary Magdalene

Silent Fingers Pointed to the Sky: One Priest Tells Of His Journey To The Abbey Of St. Mary Magdalene.  By Bridget Green Father Cyril is a monk of the monastery of Le Barroux in Provence.These cloistered Benedictines in this remote mountain hamlet of 615 souls have grown so rapidly in recent decades that they have … Read more

Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb

‘His Spouses, Small and Well-Loved’ By Donna Sue Berry Within this garden there is the small community of Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb.  The existence of this Order, according to their Prioress is “to allow those who have the ‘last place’ in the world, to hold in the Church the exceptional place of spouses … Read more

Authentic Catholic Liturgy: It’s Not About Us, It’s About God

By Dan Flaherty One of the most pre-eminent liturgists of our time, Dom Alcuin Reid is a monk of the Monastère Saint-Benoît in the Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon, France. His PhD thesis on twentieth century liturgical reform was published as ‘The Organic Development of the Liturgy,’ with a preface by Cardinal Ratzinger (Ignatius, 2005). He has … Read more

Notre Dame’s Love: The History Of Marian Apparitions In France

 By Penny Silvers Of the fifteen apparitions of the Virgin Mary officially confirmed by the Holy See through the world, fully one third have occurred in France. The history of Marian apparitions in France begins in 1208. Until her last appearance in 1871, Mary appeared in turn to a Spanish friar in the south of France, … Read more

EWTN’s Daniel Rabourdin Tells Of The War In The Vendee

I Will Build It. They Will Come. Updated August 2016 Sorbonne graduate, EWTN alumnus and film-maker Daniel Rabourdin is determined to expose the hidden horror of 140,000 French Catholic martyrs killed in 1796. If this means sleeping in a tent outside his own home – rented to raise money for the film – that’s what … Read more

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