The Secret Catholic Insider Guide to Christmas

When thinking about how we got here, it helps to have perspective. The Secret Catholic Insider Guide to Christmas reviews history.  A hundred years ago, Christmas was submerged in the trenches of the ‘War to End All Wars.’ Here in Germany, the troop trains departed with light-hearted graffiti scrawled on their sides: “On our way … Read more

REGINA’S Top 10 Christmas Children’s Books

For Advent and Christmas by Bridget Green Ah, Christmas. That magical season that starts in late October and ends promptly on December 27th. Oh, wait. No. That’s the secular season that I like to refer to as “Chrissssmas.” Christmas, the liturgical season of the Catholic Church, begins on December 24th and goes at least until … Read more

St. John Chrysostom Church Restores Beauty In Los Angeles

In 1909, a small community of farmers purchased some land for a Catholic mission church; after World War II, the area boomed with aviation and aerospace industries.  St John Chrysostom Church in Inglewood, California, which seats at least 1,000, was finished in 1959 to accommodate this growing, thriving Catholic population. It is located minutes from … Read more

Christmas In Harvard Square

By Donna Sue Berry “Still, still, still, let all the world be still.” The ethereal sound of young voices fills the air and evokes a vision. Incense at midnight Mass. A night sky lit with choirs of angels in glory. Christmas beauty.  The angelic voices that you’re hearing, however, belong to the earthly boys of … Read more

Exposing Myths About Catholic Annulments

Fifteen Myths About Catholic Annulments One interesting side-effect of the recent synod on the family in Rome is that media reports have laid bare the fact that a real lack of clarity still exists among many people — both inside and outside the Church – about the Catholic declaration of nullity (“annulment”). Benedict Nguyen, a … Read more

George Sarah, Hollywood & The Traditional Latin Mass

An Interview with George Sarah   By Teresa Limjoco He is a well-known film score musician, a former atheist who had a near-death experience and the head of the Una Voce chapter in Los Angeles. George Sarah recently sat down with Regina Magazine to discuss his conversion, his music and the growth of the Latin … Read more

Father Christmas Comes Home To St. Walburge

By Michael Durnan Updated December 2020 The heart-breaking truth is that Saint Walburge’s was a church no longer able to sustain parish life; it was threatened with closure when Bishop Michael Campbell made a creative and forward-looking decision. Saint Walburge’s would become a “shrine”– giving a new lease on life to a church where generations … Read more

There’s Room at the Inn at MiraVia

“You didn’t take away from my future. You gave me a new one. I love you, Mommy.” – A new mother’s note to her daughter What is the truly Catholic response to a scared, pregnant girl? Here’s what happened when two determined ladies – a biologist and a woman who suffered through an abortion at university … Read more

Le regard d’Anya, étudiante, sur sa première Marche pour la Vie

Note de la rédaction : Cela fait 41 ans que la Cour Suprême des États-Unis a légalisé l’avortement – c’est-à-dire, en clair, le meurtre d’un bébé avant la naissance. Une telle barbarie est autorisée dans plusieurs dizaines de pays, essentiellement en Orient non-chrétien (Chine, Corée du Nord, Singapour, Vietnam…) et dans l’Europe post-chrétienne (Pays-Bas, Suède, France, … Read more

Newman College Ireland Debuts – in Rome

By Beverly De Soto Stevens The Irish have been accused of being dreamers. If so, this time they are dreaming BIG — a dream which they are sharing both in Ireland and among the Irish diaspora numbered in the tens of millions around the world. This Irish dream is to build Newman College Ireland (NCI) … Read more

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