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REGINA is an international Catholic magazine with people on the ground in many countries. In this exclusive interview, we hear from our Oklahoma correspondent about the Satanic activity that’s been happening in Oklahoma City. (Editor’s Note: This article contains graphic descriptions and illustrations which are not suitable for children. Read more on the spread of Satanism through the internet  

‘Satanism & Magic’ by Jules Bois, Paris 1903

REGINA: There was a Black Mass in Oklahoma City in 2014, wasn’t there?

OKLAHOMA: Yes. A ticketed “Black Mass” ritual was held in a small theater inside the art deco Oklahoma City Civic Center — where Broadway plays, ballets and symphonies are performed — on September 21, 2014.

REGINA: Who organized it? 

OKLAHOMA:  Both that black mass and the one scheduled for August 15th of this year have been organized by the satanic Church of  Ahriman, a group of devil worshipers led by Adam Daniels, a registered sex offender. [i]

REGINA: Who is he and what did he say?

OKLAHOMA:  Daniels, a self-proclaimed Satanist, said during the 2014 ritual that the group would tone down its more decadent elements to comply with state law, but that they would denounce Jesus Christ by stomping and spitting on a wafer representing the Host. Daniels said some satanic magic and rituals traditionally call for animal sacrifice and eating human flesh, but his church finds alternatives. For example, his congregation uses human menstrual fluid instead of animal blood.[ii]

REGINA: What did Oklahoma politicos say?

OKLAHOMA: Oklahoma City officials have said that they would not block the ritual from taking place because the Civic Center is a public building. According to news reports, ‘The federal government recognizes the church of Ahriman as a legitimate religious organization. It draws its practices from the occult, Zoroastrianism, and elements of Eastern theologies such as Tantrism and Hinduism.’[iii] 

REGINA: How odd. We’re not aware that the federal government ‘recognizes’ any church. And this ‘church’ doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry! How many people attended?

OKLAHOMA:  It was reported to have been attended by 40 or 50 people.

REGINA:  Was there a police presence?

OKLAHOMA: Yes, there was definitely a police presence and two people were arrested.  A man, for disorderly conduct in causing a disturbance; he used a megaphone to call black mass attendees over in order to try and talk them out of going in to the ritual. Plus, a woman was arrested for kneeling near the door to the Civic Center and praying for those inside.

REGINA: What was the Archbishop’s reaction? 

OKLAHOMA:  Diocese of Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul S. Coakley expressed his astonishment and disappointment at the event. He called on community leaders to reconsider whether it was an appropriate use of public space. He also threatened a lawsuit, since the consecrated Host was obviously stolen from a Mass by someone who received it in the hand and walked away with it. (This is very easy to do.)

REGINA: Were there protests?

OKLAHOMA:  Yes, a Holy Hour of Reparation and a Eucharistic procession was held by the Archbishop at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, which included three other bishops, many priests, deacons, men and women religious, and many lay persons. Many other protesters gathered to demonstrate on the property and around the Civic Center. Various Catholic groups from around the country showed up.

REGINA: How many people came? 

OKLAHOMA:  An estimated 1,200 Roman Catholics inside the church and an additional 400 listened to the service from the parking lot. I don’t know how many showed up at the Civic Center, but it was crowded.

REGINA: What happened afterwards?

OKLAHOMA:  The morning after the black mass, Archbishop Coakley performed ‘prayers of exorcism’ at the Civic Center. The Archdiocesan center said the Archbishop decided to perform the ancient ritual in the building when he learned that Civic Center patrons were troubled and anxious about the possible diabolical after-effects of the black mass. 

REGINA: So, what’s happening now?

OKLAHOMA: People once again are outraged that the so-called Black Mass is taking place in Oklahoma City,  in the same publicly owned building, the Oklahoma City Civic Center. This time, however, with an additional blasphemous twist. The Church of Ahriman and religious leader, Adam Daniels, plan to perform a ceremony known as the Consumption of Mary, as part of the ticketed black mass.

REGINA: What is the ‘Consumption of Mary’?

OKLAHOMA: Daniels claims it’s a way to illustrate black magic and his church’s teachings and distinguish them from atheistic Satanism. The ritual includes sulfur, menstrual blood, and the blasphemed and burned pages of the Koran to “corrupt” a plaster statue of the Virgin Mary.  “The corrupted statue is placed into the center of a Solomonic triangle, which “entraps” her. Celebrants dance counter-clockwise around the statue before a spirit severs the statue’s head, unleashing a hellmouth, or opening to hell.  Inside the statue is an actual pig’s heart. After the statue has been smashed, a priestess pulls the heart out of the rubble and eats it, thus ‘consuming’ Mary and ending the ritual.”[iv]

REGINA: Sounds disgusting. What is the Archbishop’s reaction this time?

OKLAHOMA: In response to the blasphemous event, and the many other acts of hatred and violence happening in our country and our world in recent weeks, Archbishop Coakley has called for the faithful and all people of good will to pray and to participate in a Unity Prayer Service & Walk scheduled for Aug. 15 at 6 p.m.  The Prayer Walk will begin the Jesus Wept Statue (by St. Joseph’s Old Cathedral damaged in the Murrah Building bombing) and finish a couple of blocks away at First Church.

REGINA: What other Satanic activity has there been in Oklahoma?

OKLAHOMA: Last Christmas Eve, 2015, the same satanic organization performed another blasphemous act against the Mother of God.  They had obtained a city permit from Oklahoma City, again, to carry out the public desecration of pouring blood on another statue of the Virgin Mary in front of St. Joseph’s Cathedral in downtown OKC.

REGINA: What was the reaction?

OKLAHOMA: Many Catholic men from around the state and from out of state provided cover in front of the cathedral, and prayed their rosaries as loud as they could to drown out the sound of the Satanists.

REGINA: Are you personally aware of any kind of violence linked with Satanism there?

OKLAHOMA: Yes, but I am not at liberty to talk about it. However, within a week after the Black Mass, Oklahoma was shocked by a brutal beheading which took place at nearby Vaughn Foods. Though there has been no connection made to the Black Mass, the murderer has been linked with ISIS.

REGINA: Oklahoma is the Bible belt. Why the Satanic activity, do you think?

OKLAHOMA:  I remember in the early 1970’s hearing about a lot of satanic animal sacrifices around Oklahoma City. Even our parish priest told me that he had been called to the  local high school to talk to the principal and counselors who had concerns about satanic worship activities among the students, but they dismissed him when he tried to explain how evil it was and how to combat it. 

REGINA:  Are non-Catholic Christians aware of this? What is their reaction?

OKLAHOMA: Yes, those involved in the Unity Prayer Walk are praying that it doesn’t happen, and also while it is happening.

REGINA:  What are Catholics doing about this?

OKLAHOMA:  Many Catholic individuals and families I know are praying, particularly their Family Rosaries, fasting, and offering up sacrifices of pain and suffering to stop the black mass, and to make reparation for the blasphemous acts against our Lord and his Blessed Mother.

[i] Per online Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) Student Action Petition

[ii] From the Oklahoma Gazette

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