NYC Dominicans’ 100th Anniversary Fatima Mass Launches New Apostolate

May 13 at the Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer in Manhattan

by Kareem O’Brian Nelson

As we approach the 100th anniversary Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, the Dominican parish of Saint Vincent Ferrer will be celebrating this historic feast in a unique way: the friars will lead a special Fatima Rosary, Mass of Dedication for the Shrine of the St. John Paul II Society, and veneration of a first-class relic of St. John Paul II on May 13th, 2017 (Details below).

REGINA sat down with Fr. John Maria Devaney, O.P., the homilist for Saturday’s feast, to talk about Our Lady of Fatima & the St. John Paul II Society, the latest apostolate of the Dominican Friars.

REGINA: What impact does Our Lady of Fatima have on our world today?

JOHN MARIA DEVANEY, O.P. I think the lasting impact of Our Lady of Fatima, a century later, is the continued message to pray, especially the rosary, because she calls herself “Our Lady of the Rosary,” we’ve commonly come to call her Our Lady of Fatima, but she referred to herself as Our Lady of the Rosary. It’s the simple continuation of the Gospel—repent and believe in the Gospel, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. In her messages to the children in Fatima, she said, the world is in need of prayer, the world still suffers terribly from the effects of sin, and we have to pray for the world and for ourselves.



REGINA: What is the Saint John Paul II Society?

JOHN MARIA DEVANEY, O.P. The Saint John Paul II Society is a new apostolate of the Dominican Friars of the Province of Saint Joseph to spread devotion to and ask for the intercession of the late great Saint John Paul II.

REGINA: Is there a connection between Saint John Paul II & Our Lady of Fatima?

JOHN MARIA DEVANEY, O.P. There’s a deep connection between Saint John Paul II and Our Lady of Fatima for multiple reasons. The first and foremost, would be that he really saw his entire pontificate under her mantle and influence. Secondly, May 13, 1981 there was the assassination attempt on his life in Saint Peter’s Square during the papal audience and he was shot multiple times and that was on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima. He felt that Our Lady of Fatima, the Blessed Virgin Mary really spared his life that day, because the way the trajectory of the bullets were, they should have killed him, and they didn’t, they missed his vital organs and he felt it was almost like Our Lady’s hands guided the bullet. So when he recuperated, not only did he go and forgive and meet with the man who attempted to kill him, and show mercy, but he also made a pilgrimage to Fatima and took the remains of the bullet, and put them in a crown which now rests atop the statue of Our Lady’s head. The significance there then for us, is that we’ve been blessed with a relic of the blood stained cassock from that day he was shot in Saint Peter’s Square.


REGINA: Who was Fr. Thomas McGlynn, O.P.?

JOHN MARIA DEVANEY, O.P. Fr. Thomas McGlynn, O.P. was the Dominican priest, who had the privilege, the singular privilege of sculpting the first public image of Our Lady of Fatima as guided by Sister Lucia, one of the three children visionaries at Fatima. How fitting that the Blessed Virgin who says, “I am the Lady of the Rosary,” has a Dominican, the great patrons and preachers of the rosary, carve and bring to site the image of Our Lady of the Rosary. I think that’s very fitting, that it was a Dominican sculptor and not a Franciscan, not a Benedictine; because our tradition of Saint Dominic receiving the rosary from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

REGINA: What is the significance of this Dedication Mass?

JOHN MARIA DEVANEY, O.P. The friars are marking the hundredth anniversary of the Our Lady of Fatima apparitions with a Mass and also at the same time to celebrate the opening, the beginnings really, of the Saint John Paul II Society. The importance of having a Mass, is because May 13th, is when we celebrate Our Lady of Fatima on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar.



Feast & Dedication Mass 

Saturday, May 13th 2017

The Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer

869 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10065

2:30PM — Fatima Rosary

3:00PM — Mass and veneration of first-class relic of St. John Paul II

4:00PM — Reception in the priory parlor


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