Many of you want MORE Regina Magazine

Dear Friend of REGINA,

Almost four years ago, we started REGINA on a wing and a prayer. With your help we believe we have made a difference:

  • Showing the good work of Catholics in many countries in preserving our traditions for the future
  • Breaking the news that the traditional Orders are growing by leaps and bounds
  • Strengthening our culture by teaching the Beauty of the Faith


Now, great news! As of Sept 26, 2016, we have IRS approval of the Regina Foundation of Oregon as a non-profit. The Regina Foundation can now receive tax deductible charitable contributions to support our work. *
Many of you want MORE Regina. So, we are ramping up and need to raise funds to deliver:
  • A monthly REGINA e-Magazine
  • Regina Magazine issues printed on demand
  • A beautiful new large-screen website
  • New e-books on liturgy, travel, romance and more!
With this in mind, we ask you to contribute to our work with a tax deductible contribution to the Regina Foundation of Oregon. Go to our donation page HERE.


– OR –

If you would prefer to send a check, please print out our donation form and mail it to the address listed on the form. (Don’t forget to enclose your check 😉

Now you can help us expand our efforts and you can take a tax deduction on that investment. We would appreciate whatever help you can provide.

If you cannot help us financially, please pray for the success of our mission, which is under the patronage of Mary, most Holy. All benefactors will have a special Latin Mass said for them in January, details to follow.

In Christ,

Beverly Stevens


*please consult your tax advisor as to your personal tax situation

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