Legacy and Estate Gifts

Are you thinking about leaving a legacy that makes a difference? By making plans now to include REGINA in your estate plans you can make a significant impact and help ensure the future of Catholic tradition.


If you have designated REGINA as a beneficiary in your estate, we would love to know.


Consider one of the following ways to give:


Gifts of Cash


A simple, easy way to make a donation to REGINA. These gifts provide an immediate benefit to REGINA. Gifts are tax deductible for US citizens in the giving year, or depending upon your situation a portion may be carried over into additional years.


Bequests in Your Will


A frequently used method for deferring a planned gift. You simply designate a dollar amount, specific assets or a percentage of your estate to be given to REGINA upon your death.


Appreciated Securities


A popular alternative to gifts of cash. Securities transferred to REGINA are then sold, and the proceeds go directly to benefit REGINA. Additional information is available on our appreciated securities page.


Retirement Plan Assets


Possibly the most advantageous gift type in reducing potential tax implications. At distribution, previously deferred income taxes are payable. Estate taxes may also be due upon death. These income and estate taxes would significantly reduce the amount paid to your heirs. With careful planning, a gift to REGINA may be most beneficial for your estate.


Designate REGINA the primary or contingent beneficiary, or the sole owner of your life insurance policy. Following your death, the benefits pass to REGINA free of federal estate tax.


Living Trust


Often used in conjunction with a will. A living trust, as the name implies, is established while you’re living. It provides directions for asset management while you are living, if you become mentally incapacitated and upon death. At that time, assets avoid probate and are transferred immediately to the designated trustee per your instructions.


When considering an estate gift to REGINA, we strongly recommend that you seek the counsel of an appropriate, trusted adviser to help you evaluate your specific situation, and consult an attorney if your plans require revisions of a current will or other legal document.


Please contact our EDITOR with any questions.