Lavender Bishops versus “Lions of the Church”

Lavender Bishops and Cardinals

What in the world are lavender bishops and cardinals doing in the Catholic Church? Trying to hide for one thing.  Some hide well, and in plain sight.  Others, not so well. 

As I reviewed U.S. Catholic prelates’ history in the 20th century, it was easy to find the likes of Cardinal Spellman of New York and Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago, both known sexual predators.  These high ranking prelates are intertwined with today’s Lavender Mafia.


Francis Joseph Spellman (May 4, 1889 – December 2, 1967) was a cardinal, and the sixth Archbishop of New York.  He was previously an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Boston from 1932 through 1939. He was created a cardinal in 1946 by Pope Pius XII.

In some clerical circles, Cardinal Spellman was known as “Mary.” One would think that the military vicar of the United States, close confidant to a close U.S. president, would not prey on a West Point cadet.  But, former Cadet Lucian K. Truscott IV, in an article titled I was groped by a man called “Mary”: The world changes but not the Catholic Church” wrote about the abuse he withstood from this prelate. Truscott came forward 52 years after the fact. 

Recent Times

Where do I begin with today’s Lavender prelates? There are too many to mention.  One only needs to review to see many examples: Wuerl, McCarrick, Tobin, and others. The first two stained by their own grime and the last by his own actions and tweets. Here’s a brief look at the incredibly low character of these men; complete with their Lavender Mafia nicknames:

“The Tin Man”

Donald William Wuerl was born November 12, 1940.  He was elevated by Pope John Paul II to serve as Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle (1986–1987), and Bishop of Pittsburgh (1988–2006). He was named Archbishop of Washington by Pope Benedict XVI, then made a cardinal in 2010. He served as Archbishop of Washington, D.C., from 2006 to 2018.

Wuerl’s nickname was the “Tin Man.”  He was a protégé of McCarrick (see below), and the latter’s scandal caused Wuerl to fall from grace in Oct 2018. Wuerl covered up for McCarrick for years. George Neumayr, in an article, calls him the “Gay Mafia’s Don”. The “Tin Man” was a serial liar! On October 12, 2018, Pope Francis accepted his resignation as Archbishop of Washington. 

And imagine, he is still getting money from the Washington D.C. diocese, to the tune of $2 million dollars in 2020, as Lifesite News reported here.

I note that his episcopal motto is “Thy Kingdom Come.”  Yes, it will, “Tin Man!”

“Uncle Ted”

Theodore Edgar McCarrick was born July 7, 1930. He is a former cardinal and laicized bishop of the Catholic Church. He was ordained in 1958 by Cardinal Spellman, became an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of New York in 1977, then in 1981 became Bishop of Metuchen, New Jersey. From 1986 to 2000, he was Archbishop of Newark. He was created a cardinal by Pope John Paul II in February 2001 and served as Archbishop of Washington from 2001 to 2006.

McCarrick and Wuerl together authored the notorious 2002 “Dallas Protocols”-rules ostensibly designed to “protect kids.” Essentially, the Protocols put lay people through expensive training and allow bishops total leeway with priests. 

Sixteen years later, it came out that the disgraced McCarrick, as a cardinal in the Catholic Church, abused young men for years. Many in the hierarchy covered for him, and allowed him to continue to abuse young men, according to a Lifesite News report

Today the hierarchy (O’Malley, Dolan, Cupich, Wuerl, Bergoglio) are like SGT Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes fame: “I know nothing.” The incredible story of  Uncle Ted’s timeline is at Complicit Clergy here.

“Nighty night Tobin”

Joseph William Tobin, C.Ss.R., was born May 3, 1952.  He is a member of the Redemptorists.  He has been the Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, since his installation on January 6, 2017. He had served as the Archbishop of Indianapolis since 2012 and as secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (CICLSAL) from 2010 to 2012. He was made cardinal by Pope Francis November 19, 2016.

“Nighty night Tobin,” not to be confused with Providence, R.I. Bishop Thomas Tobin, admitted to George Neumayr that an Italian “actor” (Francesco Castiglione) was living at his rectory, but it was only temporary. It seems Tobin was just helping the chap out. But, Tobin denied to Neumayr that Francesco was the recipient of the infamous “Nighty night tweet.” He claims it was his sister.

Coincidentally, Tobin disagrees with language in the Catechism of the Catholic Church that refers to homosexuality as “intrinsically disordered.”  Tobin said in an NBC interview, “Well I don’t call them ‘intrinsically disordered’ … It’s very unfortunate language. Let’s hope that eventually that language is a little less hurtful.”

“Blazing Cupcakes”

Blase Joseph Cupich was born March 19, 1949.  Cupich was ordained a priest in 1975 by Danial Sheehan. He was named Bishop of Rapid City, South Dakota, by Pope John Paul II in 1998. Cupich was named bishop of the Diocese of Spokane, Washington, by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010. He was then installed as ninth archbishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago in 2014 by Pope Francis.

Apparently, Cupich terrifies lower ranking Lavenders so much that they don’t have a nickname for him. So the Chicago cops gave him one instead, “Blazing Cupcakes”. Interesting how cops always know.

The case against Cupich goes back to 1995, according to Complicit Clergy here! Cupich seems to want to be the first American pope.  Canceled priests who have dealt with him personally say Cupich oozes contempt for anyone who questions him.  

His motto is “Peace be with you.” Many who deal with him find no peace.

Lions of the Church

I have been reading about World War Two era German Cardinal Clemens August von Galen recently, also known as the “Lion of Münster.”  Von Galen’s values were formed in his large Catholic family.  Von Galen was a loyal German, and loyal to the Kaiser. His early priestly duties included military service during World War I, then after serving in soup kitchens, and serving the poor.  Later, he was suspicious of the Weimer Republic as it developed. You can go here and here to read more about Blessed von Galen’s life. 

His ecclesial motto was “Nec laudibus, nec timore” (I neither praise nor fear).

Von Galen is best known for three sermons in defiance of the Nazis (found here). Part of his 9th Sunday after Pentecost reads: 

“It is a deeply moving event that we read of in the Gospel for today. Jesus weeps! The Son of God weeps! A man who weeps is suffering pain — pain either of the body or of the heart. Jesus did not suffer in the body; and yet he wept. How great must have been the sorrow of soul, the heartfelt pain of this most courageous of men to make him weep! Why did he weep? He wept for Jerusalem, for God’s holy city that was so dear to him, the capital of his people. He wept for its inhabitants, his fellow-countrymen, because they refused to recognise the only thing that could avert the judgment foreseen by his omniscience and determined in advance by his divine justice: “If thou hadst known . . . the things which belong unto thy peace!” Why do the inhabitants of Jerusalem not know it? Not long before Jesus had given voice to it: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem . . . how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!” (Luke 13,34).

Ye would not. I, your King, your God, I would. But ye would not! How safe, how sheltered is the chicken under the hen’s wing: she warms it, she feeds it, she defends it. In the same way I desired to protect you, to keep you, to defend you against any ill. I would, but ye would not!

That is why Jesus weeps: that is why that strong man weeps; that is why God weeps. For the folly, the injustice, the crime of not being willing . And for the evil to which that gives rise — which his omniscience sees coming. which his justice must impose — if man sets his unwillingness against God’s commands, in  opposition to the admonitions of conscience, and all the loving invitations of the divine Friend, the best of Fathers: “If thou hadst known, in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! But then wouldst not!.: It is something terrible, something incredibly wrong and fatal. when man sets his will against God’s will. I would) than wouldst not! It is therefore that Jesus weeps for Jerusalem.” (1)

Blessed Von Galen was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI 2005.  His feast day is March 22. 

Today’s Canceled Priests 

As ChurchMilitant has opined here, “bishops are fathers to their priests, but in today’s Church too many bishops are abusive fathers, attacking their sons and using the power of their office to unjustly persecute good priests.” Here is a list of persecuted priests who have come forward to Church Militant: Fr. Mark White, Fr. Jeff Fasching, Fr. Michael Suhy, Fr. Eduard Perrone, Fr. Clay Hunt, Father Paul Kalchik, and Father James Altman. 

There are many others.  In the diocese of Rockford, Illinois alone, Bishop Molloy has sidelined more then a dozen good priests for the “crime” of being orthodox.

Father James Altman

Originally from the Diocese of Marquette, Father James Altman was an attorney who in family practice in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., when he answered the call to the priesthood. After graduating from Mundelein Seminary outside Chicago, he was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Jerome E. Listecki at the Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman on June 28, 2008. 

Following ordination, his first assignment was as chaplain and teacher at Assumption High School and associate pastor at Our Lady Queen of Heaven, both in Wisconsin Rapids. He moved to Ss. Peter and Paul, Wisconsin Rapids, on March 1, 2009. One year later he was appointed the parish’s administrator and installed as pastor by Bishop Callahan on Dec. 19, 2010.He then became pastor of Saint James the Less, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

Today, Father Altman has been sidelined for the “crime” of stating what every Catholic knows: abortion and promoting abortion are mortal sins.

Wikibiography calls him “right wing” here. His bishop calls him “divisive.” Most of his supporters call him “Catholic.” 

Catholics Are Beyond Fed Up

As I am writing on the feast day of martyrs Saint Thomas More, Saint John Fisher, and the Martyrs of Gorkum, Father Altman has been sacrificed on the altar of his bishop.  Cancelled for preaching the truth. 

I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of these candy-ass bishops.  Most of us know that Father Altman’s bishop (Callahan) is not acting on his own.  He’s just proved he doesn’t have the manhood to act accordingly.  On July 8, he took away the priestly faculties of Father Altman though mailing  a letter.  What a man.

You can review Father Altman’s homilies here. Since Bishop Callahan’s stripping of Father Altman, his office phone has been ringing non-stop with Catholics furious at his treatment of this priest.  His response? He simply forwarded all the calls to Father Altman.

Callahan has not had the courage to face his flock personally, either. Instead, he ordered an aging monsignor to deliver his episcopal message. Believe it or not, he has ordered Catholic laity to silence. What is this: the Middle Ages?

Buck Breaking

I listened to a video by David L. Gray titled “Father James Altman Experiences Buck Breaking'” You can view it here!  Mr. Gray has got it correct.  These lavender bishops want to “buck break” the good priests, so that no one else will follow them.  They threaten them.  They may send them for psychiatric evaluations and dubious treatment.  They remove their faculties to be priests.  The priests may then have no money, no health insurance, no where to go. 

This is evil! Full stop.

What to do

As Catholics, we pray.  “Cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum” (With love for mankind and hatred of sins), but I am guessing the lavender clowns skimmed over Saint Augustine, if they read him at all.  

You can also help support the canceled priests by going here! Stop supporting the bishops. Read our series of articles: “That’s My Money Your Excellency.” Start here, here, here, then here!

Church Militant is sponsoring Enough is Enough in Baltimore this November. See the video here! Join us there!

Mary will crush the serpent in the end.


Featured Image: Mary, Exterminatrix of Heresy



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