It was 1960, and I was two months short of my 18th birthday when I converted to Catholicism. I had studied since the age of 9. I never knew why I wasn’t confirmed at the same time.

I wanted to enter Religious life as a Cloistered Benedictine but was prevented from doing so, by my Dad. When my Dad refused to let me enter religious life, I joined the Navy. I later married a Jewish man outside the Church and eventually divorced. My children died as infants.

After Vatican II convened, I left the Church because it was changing in a way I couldn’t accept. Later on, I wanted to return to Holy Mother Church, but was told by “A Cradle Catholic,” I could not. I believed them!

Believing I could NEVER come back to Holy Mother Church, I attended the Lutheran Church for decades, but never felt fulfilled…….there always seemed to be “Something missing.”

EWTN is responsible for my return three years ago! When I discovered EWTN, I was like a ravenous animal! I kept the channel on, nearly 24/7.

This is how I found out that all wasn’t lost, after all. I called the office of my former parish, made an appointment for my first confession in 40 years!!!!

The next day, I received My Lord in the Holy Eucharist! I felt ‘Reborn!’

Since I had been gone so long, Father and I decided RCIA would be a good experience……and it was. I was finally confirmed the following Easter.

Why am I so happy now? It’s because I’ve come back home!! My heart feels full and satisfied! I attend Mass at least once a week, I’m a Lector and Eucharistic Minister at Mass and to the sick and homebound.

My dream of being a nun isn’t what Our Lord wanted of me. I believe I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m supposed to do.

I continue to take classes on Catholicism and witness my beautiful Catholic faith, whenever the opportunity presents itself ………meanwhile hoping the way I live my life, is pleasing to HIM.

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