In Hoc Signo: “We Shall Publish”

The Amazing Success of Ignatius Press

by Bridget Green

Have you heard of the Youcat? How about a little number called The Harp and the Laurel Wreath? Perhaps you have read Jesus of Nazareth by then-Cardinal Ratzinger? Even if you haven’t come across any of these, there’s a great likelihood that there’s a child in your life who is acquainted with the Faith and Life series through their parish CCD program.

All of these have something in common: they have been published by a home-grown American upstart, San-Francisco-based Ignatius Press.

Ignatius Press – named for the Jesuits’ founder, the 15th century St. Ignatius Loyola – is an astonishing success story run by a Jesuit priest. Today, it is one of the foremost Catholic publishing houses in the world.

Founded in 1978 by the Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio, San-Francisco-based Ignatius Press is a home-grown American upstart, a real success story. A former student of then-Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Father Fessio has since taken the Pope emeritus’ call to the “new evangelization” to a global scale. 
Astounding scope

THE FILMS OF IGNATIUS PRESS include distributing critically-acclaimed foreign films to the English-speaking world. Here Maia Morgenstern is the lead in “Edith Stein: The Seventh Chamber” originally released in Italian. Available in DVD from Ignatius Press.

And, Ignatius keeps growing — the breadth of traditional works being published and promoted by the publishing house today is amazing. Everything from exclusively web-based magazines like Catholic World Report and Homiletic & Pastoral Review to printed and online catechesis, and from homiletics to hymnals to movies, Ignatius does it all. And, unlike some others, Ignatius does it all well.

From homiletics to hymnals to movies, Ignatius Press does it all. And, unlike some others, Ignatius does it all well. 

Doing it for God

What is it about this company that makes them so well suited to filling the media needs of Catholics the world over?  They do it all for God.

Founded in 1978 by Fr. Joseph Fessio, Ignatius Press is spreading the message of Christ through the publication and sale of solidly Catholic works.  A former student of then-Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Father Fessio has taken the Pope emeritus’ call to the “new evangelization” to a global scale.


Fr. Fessio has held posts at a number of colleges and universities, including Ave Maria University. He has written extensively on matters of faith and morals, defending the Magisterium at every turn.  His friends and colleagues are a list of those among the best known and most faithful priests, bishops, and cardinals of our day. (And, as we all know, we are who our friends are.)

Currently, Ignatius Press has over 1800 titles in print, and more are coming each month.  Their film series alone is unmatched and unparalleled by any publishing venture in the world today.

This October, in the month of the Rosary and the month dedicated to respecting life at all stages, their latest epic movie hits theaters: Mary of Nazareth.  The film also has a Facebook Page.With this new film, Ignatius Press and Fr. Fessio take yet another step forward in spreading the Gospel of Christ to all lands.

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