Has the Catholic Church Been “Alinskied”? Part Two


Part Two

Part One presented a short background on Saul Alinsky and the Catholic Hierarchy.  In Part Two, we will present a background of Alinsky’s influence on the Catholic Church through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

We will look at this influence through several groups who have addressed this before: The Lepanto Institute, Dr Taylor Marshal, Church Militant, and the Bellamine Forum.

We will ask our readers to view the excellent podcast with Dr Taylor Marshal entitled “Saul Alinsky and Corruption of Catholic Campaign for Human Development” here and below. 

Lepanto Institute 

“And the parallel case within the Church bears remarking on as well. All of this should hearten orthodox Catholics. We have suffered for almost 60 years under the hegemony of dissidents and heretics. And while the analogy fails when it comes to the laity electing a leader to challenge the ecclesiastical elites and Establishment who have destroyed the Church like the Left has destroyed the culture, there is one underlying principle that we can follow — that is to challenge the dissidents at every turn. Isolate them. Shine the light on them. Give them no rest. Do to them what they have done to Holy Mother Church and her faithful sons and daughters for generations.

In 1969, Alinsky’s long-time friendship with Msgr. Jack Egan really paid off. Msgr. Egan convinced the president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops to take up a national collection to fund national poverty-fighting programs. This collection came to be known as the Campaign for Human Development. Msgr. Egan had previously procured $150,000 for Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation through funding from the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Through Msgr. Egan’s influence and the support of then-Archbishop Bernardin, a national collection for human development was created by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The first collection went primarily to affiliates of Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation, and since that time, community organizing networks connected to Saul Alinsky’s groups have been the primary recipients of CHD funds.  In the 1990’s, the word “Catholic” was added to the name because of its long-standing reputation for funding organizations that promoted ideologies and actions at direct odds with Catholic teaching.

Since its inception, the CCHD has been unable to shake its reputation for funding organizations that promote abortion, contraception, homosexuality and Marxism. Faithful Catholics throughout the decades have been shaking their heads, wondering why their bishop or pastor continues to participate in this collection when the evidence against these organizations is so overwhelming.  Alinsky himself gave the formula for funneling money to pro-abortion and pro-contraception organizations in his book Rules for Radicals, and the formula was quite simple: by generating a solid foundational relationship with priests and bishops, community organizers will be able to win their trust.”

More from Lepanto Institute

“This is really just the tip of the iceberg at CCHD, but it gives you an idea of just how Catholic money is being funneled to Communist, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual front groups.  Even more to the point, it perfectly illustrates just how the very nature of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is to act as a funding agency for Communist front groups, and even stands as a front group itself.  Dozens of former Communists have testified to the fact that the Communist Party is intent upon infiltrating Churches … specifically the Catholic Church. They also testified to the creation of front organizations intended to spread Communist idealism without exposing their true identities. We’ve seen that Saul Alinsky knew he couldn’t lead Catholics to embrace abortion and contraception right away, so he had to established firm relationships with priests and bishops first. This is why CCHD grantees rarely ever get defunded even after they’ve been exposed doing something abominable, like support same-sex so-called “marriage.” The organizations have formed relationships with priests and bishops, and so, rather than acknowledging the evidence, the priests and bishops trust the relationships. You can see from the evidence that the CCHD is indeed funneling piles of cash to the enemies of the Bride of Christ, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given the background and associations of the national director of the CCHD, Ralph McCloud.  It’s important to state here that while Ralph McCloud may not be a Communist himself, and may very well have every good intention in serving the Church in the way he believes is best, the network of CCHD-funded groups pushing radical ideological agendas under the banner of justice clearly follows the Marxist paradigm, and has since the founding of the CCHD. And Ralph McCloud is very much a part of that.

The bottom line is this.  The philosophical underpinnings of the CCHD are socialist in nature, and in fact the institution was created specifically to fund Saul Alinsky’s socialist community organizing groups.  This is not an institution that can be reformed, it must be scrapped.  Its Marxist beginnings have born disastrous fruits.”

Church Militant

Of course, we pray for them. Of course, we intercede for their salvation. But in the end, that can only be achieved if they cooperate with the graces we are praying would be shed on them. If they will not confess the error of their ways, repent and renounce the evil they have visited on the Church, then how can they be saved?

Our Blessed Lord will not override their free wills. He provides what they need for salvation, but they must cooperate with that or they will be damned. In the meantime, since they are so legion and so powerful within the Church, they must be opposed and resisted. They must be called out and isolated — their destructive plans exposed for what they are.”

And from the Bellarmine Forum

When asked to explain, in a nutshell, why a Catholic might continue to oppose the annual Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) collection, despite recent protestations that the CCHD has put its house in order, there are four solid responses:

  1. CCHD continues to make grants to organizations that directly support positions contrary to Catholic teaching.
  2. Most of CCHD’s grants still go to organizations that advocate for a larger, progressive package (which consistently pushes for positions that are contrary to Catholic teaching).
  3. Many CCHD-funded organizations are working to change Church teaching.
  4. CCHD has no intention of reforming.”



The USCCB holds yearly meetings that are a waste of Church resources.  In November 2018, the USCCB held their meeting at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront. Church Militant estimated it cost upwards of close to $1 million dollars, or more, in their article here! Their estimate for 250 rooms and food for four nights was $420,000+.  Add travel expenses, extra security, etc, that is a lot of money the Catholic faithful helps pay for the these prelates.  Were we being bamboozled? 

Our coalition partners (Church Militant, The Lepanto Institute, LifeSite News, and the Crusade Channel, among others) decided to hold a rosary rally with speakers next to the Marriott (Silence Stops Now). The REGINA editor spoke to a police section chief as part of the permit process.  He asked if there was going to be “blood on the walls?” (This obviously came from someone inside the USCCB.) No, was the answer, we were there to pray, and listen to Catholic speakers.  Were we being Alinskied?

Our rally was permitted yet a planned rosary walk to the Marriott was denied. The USCCB hired extra security both inside and outside the Marriott.  It seemed the USCCB was afraid their faithful flock would disrupt their conference meeting, and cause havoc. Bamboozled and Alinskied. 

In Conclusion

In Part Two, we looked through the eyes of multiple Catholic writers how many in the Catholic hierarchy have used Alinsky tactics against the Catholic faithful.  In Part Three, we will look at what can be done.  



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