August 28 to September 5, 2021


Is this a pilgrimage or a holiday?

It’s both. It’s an adventure, a pilgrimage, and a chance to unwind, and experience a completely different environment. It’s also a chance to meet new friends and to reconnect with Travelers from previous Trips.

Is there a priest traveling with us?

Yes, Fr David Jenuwine is a Michigan native, an automotive engineer and a Navy veteran. He’s successfully chaplained REGINA Trips to Ireland, Italy, Sicily, and Scotland.

Can non-Catholics come on this Trip?


How much is the Trip?

The cost is $1900 for shared accommodations, which includes lodging, breakfasts, dinners, transportation on land and sea, airport transfers and any taxes, tolls or fees. It does not include airfare, alcohol, lunches or separate activities.

What are examples of “separate activities”?

Spa services, tennis or golf fees, equipment rentals, club entrance fees, etc.

When is the first payment due?

Fifty percent of the Trip cost ($950) is due by July 31, 2021. The remaining balance is due by August 15, 2021.

I see we fly into Detroit and out of Chicago. Isn’t that expensive?

One positive effect of Covid is that airfare has gone down significantly and it’s now quite affordable to fly into one city and out of another.

What if I don’t have a roommate to travel with?

This isn’t a problem at all, as most of our Travelers are in the same boat.

What’s the lodging going to be like?

One of the hallmarks of our Trips is the fun, atmospheric places we stay. For the Great Lakes, we’re looking at staying the first two nights in a lakeside retreat center where everyone has their own room. The second two nights will be spent in lovely townhouses overlooking a splendid golf course, where everyone has their own room. The third two nights will be spent in a bed & breakfast in a Wisconsin village and our last two nights in a Benedictine monastery in an urban setting in Chicago. In non-hotel settings, Travelers will be sharing a townhouse, guest house or apartment with members of the same sex. All are non-smoking.

What’s the food going to be like?


What if I have food allergies or other special needs?

Please advise us ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly for you.

What’s the age limit?

We require that our Travelers be at least 21, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. We suggest an upper age limit of 35.

Why age 21?

We will be frequenting places where alcohol is served and cannot take responsibility for underage drinking.

Why age 35?

Our Trips are designed for young, active people, with a fairly brisk pace and lots of walking, biking and swimming.  Nonetheless, we of course welcome older people who are confident they would enjoy this level of activity!

Is this a luxury Trip?

No. We will be staying in simple lodgings and carrying our own luggage.

Is this a singles trip or is this suitable for married couples?

In six Trips, we have had nine couples meet and subsequently marry.  We have also had one Traveler enter the seminary and one take her vows in a convent. Having said that, we have had married couples on our European Trips, which they enjoyed immensely.

Are little kids welcome on this Trip?

Yes. However, children under 14 might find a Trip of this kind to be somewhat tedious – touring churches and shrines and all the adult socializing may be hard for them.

Who are the ‘local Catholics’ you refer to that we will meet?

On REGINA Trips, we sometimes meet up with young adult groups who want to join us for specific activities, or even local people who want to accompany us while we are in their town.

How much free time do we get on this Trip?

We try to structure these trips with free time built in for relaxing, exploring and socializing. In fact, our Travelers say that they love the balance of organized exploration and touring with plenty of time to relax and enjoy themselves.

Are we wearing masks on this Trip?

We will follow the local and state regulations when entering indoor places, but we will not be requiring that Travelers wear masks outside, on the bus, or in our lodgings.

How is a REGINA Trip different from most group tours?

We’re smaller. Most tours have more than 40 people. We normally take 12-20 people. This allows us to be more flexible, so we don’t have to adhere to a strict schedule – except of course to catch ferries or flights! Our Travelers also considerably younger, which again gives us flexibility. Finally, we blend history, culture, spirituality and fun in a kind of a unique, relaxed experience that has many of our Travelers returning again and again – just because they have so much fun together!

What is REGINA Foundation?

We are a nonprofit 501c3, a private foundation which conducts our cultural Trips.  REGINA Magazine LLC  publishes our online Magazine. You can find us at


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