Great Lakes Tour 2021

Great Lakes Tour 2021



DAY ONE 8/28: We will meet at Detroit International Airport and proceed to tour Catholic sites. Founded by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac in 1701, Detroit became an important fur trading center. Michigan itself was first visited (1615–22) by the explorer Étienne Brûlé at Sault Ste Marie,  where the rapids (in French sault or saut) and river were named for the Virgin Mary, patron saint of the French missionaries. Jacques Marquette founded a mission there in 1668. Dinner will be with local Catholics and we will stay in a lovely Felician Sisters retreat setting.

DAY TWO 8/29: We will attend Sunday Mass at the Shrine of Saint Joseph, a masterpiece restored by the Institute of Christ the King.  Afterwards, we’ll have an authentic Vietnamese feast nearby and then spend the rest of the day and evening in the beautiful countryside.




DAY THREE 8/30: We depart for upstate Michigan and the the Cross in the Woods, where we will have Mass and time for personal reflection. Then, we head for our lodgings at Dunmaglas Golf Resort overlooking Lake Michigan and Lake Charlesvoix – and a fabulous dinner by the lake in nearby Charlesvoix.

DAY FOUR 8/31: After Mass and breakfast, we depart for the Mackinac City ferry over to legendary Mackinac Island for a day of shopping, walking, and biking, followed by dinner at the incredible Grand Hotel there and return to Dunmaglas.

DAY FIVE 9/1: We depart early for Ludington, Michigan for our 9 am departure for a mini-cruise aboard the historic SS Badger. This classic American icon of yesteryear will take us on a four hour sail across Lake Michigan (see map) to Manitowac Harbor.

That afternoon, we’ll tour the magnificent restoration of Saint Stanislaus’ in Milwaukee, and have dinner with local Catholics.

DAY SIX 9/2: After breakfast, we will visit nearby Holy Hill on our way to St Mary’s in the village of Pine Bluff.

We’ll have Mass and a meal with Father Richard Heilman and his parishioners here before spending our last night in Wisconsin before heading to Chicago and our friendly monastic hosts.

DAY SEVEN 9/3: We’ll depart from Wisconsin and head immediately into Chicago, home of a thousand Catholic churches. One of these, the Monastery of the Holy Cross, will be our home for the next two nights as we explore the Windy City. Our hosts, the Benedictines, will house us simply but comfortably in the Monastery guest houses. After dinner out, your evening is free.

DAY EIGHT 9/4: After Mass at the Monastery, we will head over to tour St John Cantius – an incredible restoration by the young Canons Regular there. Afterwards, we’ll meet our guide for a bike tour of downtown Chicago. After that, you’re absolutely free to enjoy the town until we meet for dinner at a popular eatery.

DAY NINE 9/5: After Sunday Mass and breakfast at the Monastery, we will take everyone to the airport in order the catch their flights. Those who plan to stay an extra night to enjoy Labor Day there will be able to do so on their own, with the Benedictines if they so choose.


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