God’s Creation Through Amy’s Lens

By Donna Sue Berry

Photos by Amy Proctor


Amy Proctor is a  Catholic who loves the traditions of the Faith. And what a life she leads — not only a wife and mother, but a world traveler, writer and photographer.

As a photojournalist, Amy weaves her stories together with her  beautiful photos.  Her work has been featured on CNN and National Geographic online, and she contributes to newspapers around America.

“I was born and raised Catholic.  My father is an artist. From him I learned the art of watercolors and photography. I’ve been married for 27 years; we have four wonderful children. My work has been to photograph  God’s amazing creation in America, New Zealand and Asia.”

“God’s creation speaks to His greatness and His existence, and I would love to be able to convert everyone I come in contact with by pointing this out.”

“When the breeze rushes across the aqua waters of Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon, I feel God speaking to me, assuring me of His love and care.  For ME!  Undeserving me.”

“I definitely see Him as an artist and Creator and I am so emotionally moved to see the sun rise over the buttes at Monument Valley, with their dramatic colors and formations that could only have been created by God and His great flood. “

“I feel like a privileged child with the blessing of her royal Father, being allowed to show the outside world the splendors that rest inside the hallowed walls of His kingdom, and I want to share it with everyone.”

“And yet I get to know HIM myself, even though the sun rises for everyone who sees it through my photographs.”

“We’ve always been active in the Catholic community but in 2011 a rather sacrilegious priest led us to say ‘No more!’ “

“We started traveling an hour each way every Sunday to a Latin Mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah, Georgia.  That’s where I began to take images of the cathedral and to document the Latin Mass there.”

“Our whole family fell in love with the Latin Mass and it has changed our lives, especially the life of my 22 year old daughter who is now considering religious life.”

“I see my vocation as twofold: informative and therapeutic. By showcasing God’s amazing handiwork I have been able to point young families in the right direction so they can create amazing memories together, while at the same time satisfying my own awe of God.”

“So it’s not about nature; it’s about a Creator who shows Himself. It’s about the parallel between the beauty of the way He loves to be worshipped in Tradition by His people and the way the earth itself worships Him through the turning of the leaves and the crashing of the waves.”

“When a storm comes, scary as it may be, we are reminded of His sovereignty and might.  Then as the rainbow shines in the aftermath, we are reminded of His forgiveness and mercy.”


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