“Getting married is not a vain act”

JUST MARRIED AT THE FIRST LATIN NUPTIAL MASS IN 50 YEARS Ricardo Lara Colón is head of the Department of Basic Sciences at the Instituto Tecnológico de Pabellón de Arteaga. He and his new wife live in Aguascalientes, Mexico. This is the story of their journey of discovery of Catholic tradition.


I ATTENDED MY FIRST TLM in March 2011 in a private chapel, the first Latin Mass in our town since Vatican II. When I was invited to this first Mass, I fell in love with the liturgy, all the solemnity and the devotion. One month later we organized a public Mass in the same church where I was later to marry. Who would have guessed that God would call me in order to prepare me for a traditional marriage?


IN 2012 I INVITED MY GIRLFRIEND TO THE LATIN MASS, and she was impressed. We both were participating in the traditionalist group for about one year when we said to the priest that we wanted to be married in a TLM. We got engaged in April 2013.


 A FLURRY OF EXCITEMENT Everyone in the group was excited and they helped a great deal in the organization of the wedding. Some of them are part of the choir and one is a tenor, so they prepared the music for the Nuptial Mass (from the XVIII century, from Manuel de Sumaya). Some helped with the Missal, and others were acolytes.


A LATIN MASS? When we told our families our wedding would be in a Latin Mass, they were confused. Nobody had ever attended a TLM, except my father in his childhood. Some friends were surprised and asked questions about the difference between the Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo. At the end of our Sung High Wedding Mass, everybody was impressed. We hope our wedding serves to draw more people to the Latin Mass.


WHAT THE BRIDEGROOM SAYS “The vocation to marriage is essential to the world. This sacrament allows us to train our children to reach holiness. Getting married is not a vain act –it imposes obligations and allows us to participate in God’s plan for humanity.”


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