It seems that nearly everyone loves Regina Magazine. We’ve grown almost 8000% in subscribers and we now reach over 500,000 people a month on Facebook!

But most people don’t know that we are just an independent group of Catholics working on a volunteer basis. Almost everything — web expertise, Facebook management, photography, writing, editing — is done for FREE.

So why do we need money? To pay for superb design — and to help us grow to the next stage.

  • What’s the next stage? To meet popular demand, we aim to PRINT Special Editions, which involve costs beyond what we can handle in our current online-only model.
  • How can you help?
    ​Become part of the REGINA team, and help get this start-up going. We need you to ​donate and ​to ​spread the word about Regina!
 Any questions, please feel free to email me directly here.

Beverly De Soto Stevens
Editor, Regina Magazine