Great Lakes Cost Info


Great Lakes Tour 2021

Cost Info


What’s the total cost of the Trip?   $1900

What does it cover? Everything except airfare, alcohol, lunch and separate activities such as spa services, tennis or golf fees, equipment rentals, club entrance fees, etc.

Why don’t you cover lunch?

As opposed to our formal sit-down dinners, often our Travelers prefer to grab lunch on their own, especially during free time. Some prefer not to eat lunch at all.

When is it due to be paid?  First payment of $950 by July 31 and last payment of $950 by August 15.

How can I pay this? Via Paypal we add 2.9% to cover their fees or via check (no fee) to REGINA FOUNDATION 1123 12TH Ave Road, Room 112, Nampa, Idaho 83686-5738.

What if I don’t make the last payment? Can I get a refund? Unfortunately, as we must pay for lodging, rentals and ferry fees up front, we are unable to refund this payment.

What if I make full payment and am unable to go on the Trip, due to unforeseen circumstances? We cannot refund any payments, but you can apply that amount to future REGINA Trips. Travelers have done this in the past and it worked out quite well for them.

Go here for information about registration and payment. 

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