How Catholic Radio Changed My Life

by Angie Gadacz

fr moleski and gina
Fr. Marty Moleski and Gina, host/producer of Calling All Catholics on The Station of the Cross

Of late, there have been some big changes in my life. Recently, our family decided to reset our priorities; a job change and a move across Minnesota soon followed. My husband moved into a job less demanding of his time. My employer asked me to work remotely.  Our kids are no longer in daycare.

In the beginning of our new, more relaxed life, I listened to political talk radio; though after the 2012 election, I began to search for something more positive and meaningful. I found an ICatholicRadio app for my phone — and I have some advice for their marketers. Do pledge drives featuring how much people’s lives were changed by listening actually work?   Yes.

I was fascinated, though to be honest, somewhat disappointed to realize how little I knew about our Faith.

A Catholic Psychologist with Real-Life Answers

I began to listen to Dr. Ray Gaurendi on The Doctor Is In. He’s a common sense psychologist — with a sense of humor — who helps people raising their children or in relationship struggles.  Dr Guarendi teaches time-tested, useful techniques.  Interestingly, he acknowledges that his profession had given rise to many problems in raising children in our increasingly secular world.  For example, he says the excessive praise commonly bestowed upon children does not serve the best interest of families — and this is just one among many problems with the way parents are now encouraged to raise their children.

Catholic Radio Apps

Before long, I found the Relevant Radio app, (and Tune In Radio where I can pick up my local affiliate)—and a whole new set of programs throughout the day:

  • Morning Air with Sean Herriot is a great show where guests from a wide variety of professional fields cover a huge range of topics.
  • Glen’s Story Corner starts off my day with an inspirational story on my Facebook feed, and my local affiliate posts the daily gospel readings.
  • Every day I hear Mass from a local parish, followed by the rosary and prayers said by local seminarians.
  • The Inner Life features a spiritual director counseling call-in listeners.  New priests always offer a fresh perspective, too!
  • When my kids are home in the summer, our lunch hours are spent listening to Msgr. Swetland, or the other priests on Go Ask Your Father, fielding questions from people all around the country.
  • A new show that debuted on September 23rd, is Father Simon SaysHere, Father Richard Simon, who is also known as the Rev. Know-it-All; hosts a bible study on the daily readings and also takes calls on questions on the faith or its teachings.
  • My favorite is On the Journey, by Lighthouse Catholic Media, where I can hear well-known Catholic speakers such as Fr. Robert Barron, Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins and Steve Ray.
  • Last but not least, afternoons on The Station of the Cross, an EWTN radio network affiliate, the Quiet Waters Holy Hour (3:00 p.m. EST) is a nice break.  I listen to the Divine Mercy Chaplet in song, followed by prayers, meditations, songs, the Stations of the Cross and the Rosary.
Morning Air hosts Sean Herriott and Glen Lewerenz on Relevant Radio

US Catholic Radio Today

Many Catholics might not know that there’s a thriving Catholic radio scene out there. For example, Relevant Radio, in its 13th year, has 13 stations and 20 affiliate stations covering 13 states.  The EWTN Catholic Radio Network has over 200 affiliated stations, covering about 40 states.  ETWN Radio Network stations are all independently owned and EWTN programs are provided to the radio stations free of charge to air, to minimize costs for the stations.

All Catholic radio is financed primarily through funds donated by listeners.  Many of the local stations have some of their own locally produced shows, so each station’s programming is slightly different.   Most stations can be listened to through their website online, or with a phone app.


Angie’s Picks

  1. Do you have questions about the Faith? I recommend Calling All Catholics (The Station of the Cross); Catholic Answers Live; EWTN Open Line and Right Here Right Now.
  2. Are you curious about people who convert?  Check out The Journey Home.
  3. Are you interested in Catholic athletes? Tune in to Blessed 2 Play and Crossing the Goal. Both shows feature far better role models for our kids than the ones we hear the most about.
  4. Are you tired of all your news about the Church being filtered through a political lens?  Shows such as Vatican Insider, Celtic Connections, Kresta in the Afternoon, A Closer Look with Sheila Laugminas, or Register Radio are a great way to find out what is going on in the Church – in the US and the world.
  5. Do you have questions about vocations, or how to live out your faith in your personal life?  Check out programs such as Vocation Boom!, On Call with Wendy Weise, Women of Grace or Dynamic Catholic.
  6. Do you love reading Catholic literature? There’s  EWTN Bookmark with Doug Keck.

You can also check out the programming grids for my favorite networks here. 


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