“We Need To Be Our True Catholic Selves”

Interview with a Spanish Priest In this candid interview, Don Jose Miguel Marques Campo talks with REGINA Magazine’s Teresa Limjoco about his experience as a diocesan priest and the difficulties he’s encountered implementing Summorum Pontificum in his diocese in the northern coastal city of Gijon,  Spain. REGINA: How did you become a diocesan priest of … Read more


Conquistador your stallion stands in need of company And like some angel’s haloed brow You reek of purity I see your armor plated breast Has long since lost its sheen And in your death mask face There are no signs which can be seen And though I hoped for something to find I could see … Read more

Spain’s Catholic Chess Queen

By Meghan Ferrara Photos by Teresa Limjoco Though chess is an ancient game, its popularity continues to this day. The strategy and finesse required to succeed are an integral part of the fascination the game holds for players. What is less well known, though equally intriguing, is the story of how chess developed into its … Read more

Pelayo & The Cradle of Catholic Spain

By Father José Miguel Marqués Campo Our story begins in 711 AD — Dark Ages Spain, when Muslims from North Africa have invaded the entire Iberian Peninsula.  Legends tell us of Pelayo (Latin ‘Pelagius’) a Visigoth warrior who fought alongside the doomed King Roderigo at the Battle of Guadalete.   No one can withstand their terrible … Read more

Queens, Writers, Religious & Servants

Nine Catholic Women of Spain By Barbara Monzon-Puleo If the history of Catholic civilization is today reported in a negative, highly-biased light, it is true that the footprints of Catholic women in our history are often downright erased. A few highly-visible female rulers aside, the stories of real women in the home, the field, the … Read more

The Ancient Mass in Modern Madrid

By Teresa Limjoco There is perhaps no country in the world where an inherited religion is repudiated as vehemently as in Spain. For decades, Spanish universities and media elites have kept up a constant drumbeat of ridicule and condemnation of the Church, her traditions and ideas. It is fascinating, then, to find that Madrid, Spain’s media … Read more

The Strange Story of Cordoba’s Disputed Cathedral

By Peter De Trolio III   THE GUADALQUIVIR RIVER ON THE ANCIENT ROMAN BRIDGE: Cordoba is an ancient dwelling place, settled long before the Romans built their monumental city (featured image) MASSIVE GATEWAY TO HONOR THE ROMAN GOD JANUS: The Romans built their temple to Janus, the god of beginnings and endings and doorways, near … Read more

The Bipolarism of Catholic Spain

Photos by Teresa Limjoco Peter De Trolio of Jerez de la Frontera is an American lawyer who has been living in southern Spain for more than 20 years, where he has worked in  exporting.  A married father of two, Peter is currently teaching in a private school.   Fr. José Miguel Marqués Campo  was born in … Read more

The Great Champion of Christian Spain

By Harry Stevens Photo by Beverly Stevens and Teresa Limjoco Who was Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar? Depends on who you ask, it seems. Various depictions of this heroic knight have emerged in the last thousand years — the legendary, the historic, the Arabic or the Christian. “This is the will of God and of all … Read more

The Drama of Isabella the Catholic

Featured image: CONTEMPORARY PORTRAIT: Isabella (far right) was ‘a beautiful blonde, of queenly figure, exquisitely chiseled features, and with mild blue eyes.’ By Beverly Stevens She is an enigma. Was Isabella of Castile a shining example of queenship in late medieval Europe, a feminist ideal? Was she a Catholic heroine, worthy of sainthood? Was she … Read more