The Sins Of Cardinal David Beaton Lead To Revolt In Scotland

The Strange Story of the Scottish Cardinal by Beverly De Soto Stevens At the beginning of the 16th century Scotland was a Catholic country. And David Beaton was a Catholic family man, of sorts. That is to say he had a mistress, and eight children. He was also Cardinal of the Scottish Catholic Church. A … Read more

Brother Walfrid’s Role In The Growth Of Scotland Soccer

Brother Walfrid’s Catholic Club Brings Scotland Soccer To The People For he’s football crazy, He’s football mad, The football it has taken away The little bit o’ sense he had, And it would take a dozen servants To wash his clothes and scrub, Since Paul became a member of That terrible football club. Written by … Read more

The Nashville Dominicans Come To Scotland

Sisters in a Strange Land The Nashville Dominicans arrived in remote Elgin, Scotland in August 2013. They are experienced Sisters; all are in their thirties, and have been in the Order for at least a decade. Three are Americans; one is Polish. The country to which they arrived has not been ‘Catholic’ for almost 500 … Read more

St. Mungo: The Saint Who Evangelized Glasgow

Son of a Princess Raped By a Prince The ‘Dear One’ Who Brought Christianity to Glasgow By Michael Durnan Glasgow today is a sprawling, post-industrial city; ugly post-war architecture occupies former Luftwaffe bomb craters like so many broken teeth. But it was not always so. Deep in Glasgow’s ancient, green heart lies the formerly-Catholic Cathedral … Read more

An Interview With Renowned Composer James MacMillan

Raising the Tone James MacMillan is one of the world’s most successful composers and a globally renowned conductor. First internationally recognized in 1990, his prolific work has since been performed and broadcast around the world. He was Composer/Conductor of the BBC Philharmonic from 2000-2009 and Principal Guest Conductor of the Netherlands Radio Kamer Filharmonie until … Read more

The State Of Scottish Catholicism On University Campuses

A ‘Home Away From Home’ Ignites the Faith Father Lawrence Lew, O.P. was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, into a devout Christian family; he attended a Brethren church, though most of his family became evangelical Pentecostalists. Today, he is a Dominican at the University of Edinburgh chaplaincy of St Albert, one of a long line … Read more

In Search of Catholic Scotland

Flickers of Faith in a Post-Christian Land by Beverly De Soto Stevens — Editor, Regina Magazine The guide at St. Mungo’s Cathedral in Glasgow, a centerpiece of Catholic Scotland, looked startled. He was a tall young man, an American Protestant with a newly minted PhD in medieval history. We were standing by the grave of … Read more

Clan Lamont

The Bloody History of a Catholic Clan Because of a treacherous twist in the history of Catholicism in Scotland, Michael Safford is a modern day Catholic Scottish Clansman – living in St Louis, Missouri. Michael’s Clan Lamont is ancient, said to descend from Ánrothán Ua Néill, an Irish prince of the O’Neill dynasty. As a … Read more

Interview with a Student

On Fire for the Faith at Scotland’s Universities He is 22 years old, on his way to an advanced degree at one of Scotland’s universities. Astonishingly, he also belongs to a small cadre of young Scots ‘on fire’ for the Faith. This is all the more remarkable against the backdrop of Scotland’s history of anti-Catholicism … Read more