Aztec Demons

by Harry Stevens Photos by Beverly Stevens and Michael Durnan (Editor’s Note: It has often been noted that ‘the victors write history’ and the story of the Aztecs is no exception to this rule. The ‘victors’ in this case, however, are not the 16th century Spaniards. These have been vanquished by the views of the … Read more

The State of the Faith in Mexico

When Pope Francis recently visited Mexico, the Church there rented gigantic stadiums and staged elaborate, choreographed productions. But is this the Mexican reality? Mexico‘s a big place, so it’s hard to generalize about 120 million people. REGINA’s commentators — all of whom are Mexican or who live in Mexico today — have observed the people … Read more

Hidden Jewel: The Latin Mass in Mexico

REGINA: The Latin Mass is almost unknown in most of Mexico. Why is this? Maria Albers: Unless you are/were educated in a Catholic institution or raised in a Catholic family with basic knowledge of the religion, you won’t learn much about religion from other sources. That, together with the lukewarm attitude towards the Faith, doesn’t … Read more

‘Imagine No Heaven’: Mexico Without Vocations

  ANTI-CATHOLIC POP ART: Mexico’s media and art elites have for over 200 years worked assiduously at discrediting the Church’s religious Orders, but until recent decades the country nevertheless had many vocations. This has suddenly ground to a halt nearly everywhere except one or two traditional states. What’s going on? Frank and Irene Denke: While I … Read more

Mexico’s Marriage Problem

Feminism among the elites plus widespread consumerism and materialism are taking their toll on Mexican marriages and families, as our correspondents report.  REGINA: Are young Mexicans marrying and having children?   Maria Albers: Sadly, as time passes, less and less people believe in the institution of marriage in Mexico, either not seeing the need to … Read more

Buying Happiness in Mexico

REGINA: As young Mexicans abandon the pueblos and move to the cities and across the US border in search of work, are they becoming more consumeristic?   Matthew Cullinan Hoffman: Based on my conversations with Mexicans and my personal impressions of the country, the answer is that yes, Mexicans are becoming more materialistic and consumeristic … Read more

Apostasy in Mexico

REGINA: Some Mexican immigrants to the United States are abandoning the Church in favor of evangelical sects; is this happening in Mexico too?   Maria Albers: That’s correct, and it has been happening in Mexico for a long time, except that (Catholic) Mexicans converting to Evangelical sects has accelerated in recent times with social media … Read more

Abortion on Demand in Mexico

REGINA: US-based NGO-led efforts to force legalized abortion on the Mexican population have been enthusiastically supported by the anti-Catholic government there — but what has been the effect on the people? Derik Castillo Guajardo: The law on abortion has been publicized in mass media, and clinics like Marie Stopes have been opening in the Capital. … Read more

The Testing of Bishop Juan de Zumárraga

by Dan Flaherty Photos by Beverly Stevens It wasn’t supposed to happen this way to Juan de Zumárraga. He had lived a relatively privileged life in the Spain of the 15th century. Born to a noble family in 1468, he came of age in the newly re-conquered Spain that Isabella and Ferdinand had liberated from … Read more

Mexico’s Lost Catholic History

REGINA: The Church in Mexico has an amazing history, but are Mexicans today aware of this? Are they taught about the early missionaries, the Cristeros Martyrs, how the Church formed the first universities in Mexico? Fr. Jonathan Romanoski:  In general the Masons, who since Benito Juárez have stolen the government of Mexico, usurping for themselves … Read more