Celebrating the Mass of Ages

On a Mexico City Traffic Island By Beverly Stevens Photos by Michael Durnan and Beverly Stevens It may be the smallest church in the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere. This delicate chapel, the Inmaculada Concepcion de María, was built centuries years ago, on the outskirts of Mexico City at Salto del Agua. Today, … Read more

The FSSP’s ‘Extraordinary’ New House of Formation in Mexico

Photos by Beverly Stevens and Michael Durnan Fr. Jonathan Romanoski, FSSP was ordained on May 30, 2008 by His Eminence, Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos and has been ministering in Mexico ever since. Here’s REGINA‘s exclusive on-the-spot interview with the Pennsylvania native, 37, on the Fraternity of St. Peter’s newest House of Formation in Guadalajara. “It … Read more

Rogue Priest

Mexico’s George Washington by Beverly Stevens Photo Credit: Beverly Stevens and Wikipedia He’s an unlikely George Washington. The ‘father of Mexico’s’ name is everywhere: on street signs, 1000 peso notes and in fact an entire state. Wreathed with laurels, often dressed like a Roman senator, monumental statues of Hidalgo preside over town plazas and traffic … Read more

Masonic Mexico

by Michael Durnan Masonic Mexico Photos by Beverly Stevens and Michael Durnan Aren’t the Masons just a voluntary service organization, like the Rotary Club? What possible connection could they have to Mexico? In this concise article, REGINA writer Michael Durnan sheds light on the hidden history of the Masons in Mexico — and looks at … Read more

Mexico’s Church in the Spotlight

REGINA: We were a bit surprised when an older, retired Mexican academic asked us why we thought Mexicans were such ‘religious extremists’, citing as examples the Santa Muerte death cult and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Where does an attitude such as his come from? Matthew Cullinan Hoffman: Historically, Mexico has been perceived as religiously fanatical … Read more

Mexico’s Miracle-Working Virgin

Our Lady of Saint John of the Lakes by Teresa Limjoco Photo Credit: Beverly Stevens They flock to her. In central Mexico, northeast of Guadalajara, the second most-visited shrine in Mexico is besieged by millions of Mexicans every year. Even the most jaded observer is stunned into respectful silence, watching Mexicans –often walking on their … Read more

Beyond Belief: Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte

By Harry Stevens Beyond Belief: Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte Photo credit: Beverly Stevens & Maurice Marcellin (Wikipedia) The author recommends readers pray before reading this article: St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and … Read more

Aztec Demons

by Harry Stevens Photos by Beverly Stevens and Michael Durnan (Editor’s Note: It has often been noted that ‘the victors write history’ and the story of the Aztecs is no exception to this rule. The ‘victors’ in this case, however, are not the 16th century Spaniards. These have been vanquished by the views of the … Read more

The State of the Faith in Mexico

When Pope Francis recently visited Mexico, the Church there rented gigantic stadiums and staged elaborate, choreographed productions. But is this the Mexican reality? Mexico‘s a big place, so it’s hard to generalize about 120 million people. REGINA’s commentators — all of whom are Mexican or who live in Mexico today — have observed the people … Read more

Hidden Jewel: The Latin Mass in Mexico

REGINA: The Latin Mass is almost unknown in most of Mexico. Why is this? Maria Albers: Unless you are/were educated in a Catholic institution or raised in a Catholic family with basic knowledge of the religion, you won’t learn much about religion from other sources. That, together with the lukewarm attitude towards the Faith, doesn’t … Read more