Of Demons and Druids, Slavers and Saints

The Real Saint Patrick by Beverly Stevens It’s a tale straight from the Dark Ages, of demons and Druids, slavers and Saints. But if Ireland has any claim to be the ‘Island of Saints & Scholars,’ it is undoubtedly due to the work of a late Roman Briton. But who was the real St. Patrick, … Read more

Strength, Grit and Faith

The Woman Who Helped Forge Irish Catholicism by Meghan Ferrara Saint Brigid, known as ‘Mary of the Gael,’ is one of Ireland’s most beloved saints. Along with Saint Patrick and Saint Columba, she is a patron saint of the Emerald Isle. Her influence was as essential as St. Patrick’s in the spread of Catholicism among … Read more

A Meditation

The Irish & Their Religion by Bridget Green The Irish are known for their humor, their storytelling, their singing. As Chesterton famously wrote, “The great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad, for all their wars are merry, and all their songs are sad” (Ballad of the White Horse). They are also … Read more

‘The Devil Has Not Gone Away’

But the Faith Runs Deep in Ireland “There is an old prophecy that the Faith in Ireland will nearly die out, but will re-ignite and turn the nation into a bonfire of Catholicism.” Father Tom Forde, OFM Cap, is a Chaplain at the University of Cork. In this deeply serious interview, he unflinchingly discusses the … Read more

The Nazis’ Nemesis

Ireland’s Shining Priest by Rosa Kasper From to 1942-43, Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty was the most-wanted man in Rome. During this time, he saved at least 6,500 Jews and Allied soldiers from near-certain death. He was the Nazis’ nemesis.  O’Flaherty was a brawny man, who stood 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed over 200 pounds. … Read more

‘Ancient, Mysterious, Prayerful, Powerful’

Latin Mass Brings New Life to an Old Dublin Parish Father Gerard Deighan is the pastor of St. Kevin’s Parish in trendy Portobello, Dublin, where the Latin Mass Chaplaincy for the Dublin Archdiocese has been established since 2007. In this exclusive Regina Magazine interview, he conducts us through his beautiful church and discusses his thriving, … Read more

Secret Catholic Insider’s Ireland Travel Tip

‘He Comes to Life With Every Dawn’ By Karen Dietrich On the western fringes of the Emerald Isle, where the Irish language and traditional devotions survive to this day, the legends of Ireland’s ancient native saints from the Dark Ages endure. Saints Fursey, Fechin, Enda, Gormgail, and Dymphna can also be found, however, throughout Ireland … Read more