Ireland’s Time Bomb

By Beverly Stevens REGINA Editor It’s really devastating to think about. Whereas most countries have had abortion imposed on them by judges or politicians, yesterday the Irish voted to bring this calamity onto themselves. Extinction by the Numbers Why is abortion a ‘calamity’ for Ireland? Let’s start with the numbers. Currently, the ‘YES’ side claims … Read more

Human Life Ireland vs. The Culture of Death

 by Donna Sue Berry  Orémus Press visited with Lisa O’Hare of Human Life International Ireland about the huge push by the Irish government to legalize abortion there. Orémus Press:  Basically, could you share with us what is happening with this issue in Ireland with the government? HLI Ireland: The Irish Government is making a HUGE … Read more

Traveling Camera Man

By Kristina De Clara Photos by Emily Clementi and Alex Choong  If there was one person on REGINA’s trip who could capture the astounding beauty and scope of Ireland’s lush, rolling green hills, it was Alex Choong (traveling camera man). REGINA writer Kristina de Clara recently sat down with this professional photographer and videographer to … Read more

A Spiritual High in Ireland

By Mary Catherine McCoy and Meghan Cesar Photos by Katie Edson, Emily Clementi, and Alex Choong Featured image: Towering 5th century Celtic Cross at Monasterboice (Photo Credit: Katie Edson) They’re a tough crowd, today’s Millennials. And now that they have had a few months to think about that first REGINA Trip for young adults in … Read more

A Dominican in Ireland

Father James Moore, OP, points the way to the ruins of the Dominican Priory, destroyed by Henry VII at Trim Castle, where the movie ‘Braveheart’ was filmed. A few minutes later, he led the group in singing the Salve Regina where his brother Dominicans lived and worked centuries ago. (Photo by Katie Edson) By Jennifer … Read more

Too Much Fun

The Pleasures of REGINA’s Ireland Photos by Emily Clementi/Commentary by Everyone Is a REGINA Trip a pilgrimage? Yes. Is it a historical tour? Yes. Is it just a bunch of young Catholics out for a good time? Yes. Herewith, some of our favorite experiences from all around Ireland, but especially the pubs. (You can see … Read more

The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, Ireland

How the Light of the Gospel is Returning to Limerick by Donna Sue Berry Canon Wulfran Lebocq, choirmaster of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICKSP), spoke with Regina Magazine about the ongoing restoration of Sacred Heart, one of the most beautiful churches in Limerick, which was falling into ruins when the Institute … Read more

Beautiful Irish Lace

How the Church Taught Lace-making to the Irish by Tamara Isabell Irish Lace is famous the world over, but most people have no idea that this industry originated with the Irish Famine and the Catholic Church’s response to the plight of the suffering poor. The industry might never have flourished had it not been for … Read more

Knocking Knock

What the Apparitions Point To by Beverly De Soto Stevens Editor, Regina Magazine On a rainy August night in 1879, a parish charwoman in the humble farming village of Knock, Ireland finished her duties and locked the church door behind her. Then she had a chat with a family that lived in the thatched-roof house … Read more

The Truth About Ireland & the Faith

Conversations with Dubliners by Michael Durnan The image of Ireland is one of rolling emerald green fields full of sheep and dairy cattle; whitewashed cottages and quaint pubs; charming villages; rustic farms; a wind-and-rain-swept coast and a gentle pace of life. Ireland for some conjures up an image of country that resembles a kind of … Read more