What Statistics On Newly Ordained Priests Tell Us About Vocations

by Pater Spectatores (Editor’s Note: The state of the Church being what it is, many of our good priests are afraid to speak their minds publically for fear of retaliation. Hence, the need for a pseudonym for this seasoned US cleric.) Who are they? Archbishop Fulton Sheen called them “Those Mysterious Priests” in his 1974 … Read more

Gaslit: Part One

How Faithful Catholics Are Bamboozled Into Supporting Evil By Staff Writer Adrian Hau How does it happen? How do faithful Catholics NOT see what’s in front of their eyes? How do they continue to write checks to prelates who are clearly taking them for a ride? Despite criminal investigations and horrific revelations of sexual abuse … Read more

The American Tsunami

Busy week we’ve had here in America. As of Friday, six US states have opened investigations into dioceses, including heavy hitters Illinois, New York and New Jersey.  The USCCB’s response has been to express the need for more refinements of their procedures, which call has been met with widespread disdain from an enraged laity. Legatus, … Read more