Gaslit: Part One

How Faithful Catholics Are Bamboozled Into Supporting Evil By Staff Writer Adrian Hau How does it happen? How do faithful Catholics NOT see what’s in front of their eyes? How do they continue to write checks to prelates who are clearly taking them for a ride? Despite criminal investigations and horrific revelations of sexual abuse … Read more

Omerta Dismantled: Lifting the Veil of Shameful Clerical Silence

“…federal investigators are throwing a very wide net. The abuse scandal, long fueled by the shocking details in the church’s own personnel documents, may now grow like an uncontrolled wildfire.” — The New York Times Hear that? It’s the sound of silence – also known in some circles as ‘omerta’. Since June, what we call ‘The … Read more

The American Tsunami

Busy week we’ve had here in America. As of Friday, six US states have opened investigations into dioceses, including heavy hitters Illinois, New York and New Jersey.  The USCCB’s response has been to express the need for more refinements of their procedures, which call has been met with widespread disdain from an enraged laity. Legatus, … Read more

Safe Spaces for Catholic Money (3)

Out of the Box Thinking for Catholics, or Ways to Ensure Your Donations Don’t Go to Male Hookers No, we’re not kidding. This year a male prostitute in Naples, Italy came forward and named names of his clients among Catholic clerics there. Since then, a huge scandal has broken in the USA. A Pennsylvania grand … Read more

Silence Stops Now

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will have its annual meeting in Baltimore November 12-15, 2018. The Silence Stops Now Coalition is committed to ending the culture of clerical silence that has enabled the sexual predation and destruction of lives for decades. To this end, we will be organizing the Silence Stops Now rally in Baltimore to demand … Read more


A Wealthy Catholic Donor Rebels His name isn’t ‘Steve’. He’s a recently-retired Midwesterner, a convert to the Faith and a married man. He also donates in the mid five figures to the Catholic Church every year. Recently, he’s decided to divert a significant portion of that money away from his diocese. With the horrific revelations … Read more

Safe Spaces for Catholic Money

Part One: SEMINARIES Ever since ‘That’s My Money, Your Excellencies’ appeared, REGINA has been deluged with requests for our suggestions for ‘safe spaces’ for Catholic money.  It seems that Catholics are sick and tired of learning that their donations are supporting the luxurious lives of predators, or organizations which act contrary to Catholic teachings. Herewith … Read more

That’s My Money, Your Excellency

Closing Our Wallets on the Lavender Mafia By Beverly Stevens, REGINA Editor Updated February 2021 Drawing by Jane Rudkins Privett Okay, I’ve had enough. In 2018, the story broke that a HIGH RANKING US CARDINAL has been a homosexual predator for decades. Masturbating priests, forcing seminarians to sleep with him at his beach house paid for by … Read more