The Courageous Iconographer

Featured Photo: The “Sacrae Immaginis Domus-Eikon” is the collection of religious artwork belonging to Aurel Ionescu, an isografo, or creator of sacred images, and an internationally recognized guardian of the tradition of icons born in Byzantium. Himself born and raised in communist Romania, as a young painter he was stigmatized as a ‘mystical paranoid.’ Article … Read more

An Illuminated Christmas

by Meghan Ferrara The Nativity of Our Lord has inspired some of the most exquisite art of the Christian ages. Beginning with the early Christians and through the High Middle Ages, illuminated manuscripts communicated and preserved the history and high culture of Christendom. FOR A THOUSAND YEARS, ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS DEPICTED BIBLICAL SCENES OF THE CHRISTMAS … Read more

Beauty That Can Save The World

His name is Giancarlo Polenghi and he is the Academic Director of the Sacred Art School in Florence, where he also teaches Theology and Aesthetics. The Sacred Art School was begun just three short years ago with the support of Florence’s Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, and today its students come from Italy, USA, Spain, Brazil, Chile, … Read more

Love Affair in Florence

How an American Protestant Fell In Love with Sacred Art, the Faith and a  Beautiful Woman  in Europe’s Culture Capital Cody Swanson is 30 years old. Once upon a time he was an evangelical protestant living in Hawaii. How he came to teach sculpture at the Sacred Art School of Florence is a long, strange … Read more

Sacramental Sensibility

The Struggle To Bring Beauty Back To Catholic Churches Duncan G. Stroik is an American architect, Professor of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture and founding editor of the Sacred Architecture Journal. He has dedicated his life and practice to bringing classical beauty back to Catholic places of worship, and has … Read more

Art in Service of the Church

Art in Service of the Church In a daring voyage of self-discovery, two women leave their lives in NYC and Seattle to study painting in breath-taking Florence, Italy. Here, they discover their ability to make beautiful Catholic art modeled on the Old Masters. On the way, one of them – fascinated by the life and … Read more

The Heart of A Catholic Artist

By Martinho Correia For as long as I remember, I have drawn. My mother still has drawings of mine from kindergarten. Like many others of my generation, I copied comics in order to learn how to draw. Growing up I really wanted to be a comic book artist and in high school my friends and … Read more

The New Avant-Garde

Michael John Angel is an Englishman who’s been living in Florence for decades. He is also the founder of Angel Art Academy, one of a few Florentine academies once again teaching the fine art of representation painting. Today, Angel Academy and its fellows are the new avant-garde in the art world – a well-kept secret … Read more

The Explosive Online Growth of a Catholic Family Firm

Lily’s Story REGINA Magazine advertiser Veils By Lily is a Catholic success story experiencing exponential growth. A 2010 start-up bootstrapped by founder Lily Beck Wilson in Missouri, USA, Veils by Lily has learned quickly as it has grown: what works and what doesn’t in the brave new world of Catholic social media and advertising. In … Read more

Beautiful Spanish Mantillas

THE LIGHTWEIGHT MANTILLA CAME INTO USE IN THE WARMER REGIONS OF SPAIN in the 16th century; lace mantillas became popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, as depicted in portraits by Spanish artists Diego Velázquez and Goya. In the 19th century, Queen Isabella II actively encouraged its use. SOME SAY THAT THE SPANISH CUSTOM DATES … Read more